Unexpected Surprises

“So it’s time for Logan to start trying the potty,” says his teacher to me. A chill ran up my spine and images of the movie Alien for some reason came to mind- sheer gore, terror and screaming were what popped into my head when “the potty” was mentioned.

Just as a single girl looking to land the perfect guy – who gets countless of tips on how to dress, how to laugh, which hot spot in Soho or Boho are the best places for a first date – I received so many tips on just how to make this two-year-old-going-on-twenty-year-old somehow, in the middle of running around all day burning tens of thousands of calories, to remember to put his tuckus on the potty.

When I had my first son at 19, I had the luxury of the help of his grandmother for these milestones. She trained him while I was at F.I.T. Design School all day and coming home late in the evening. Now, at 41, I really am doing it for the first time and it scares
the &$%^ out of me! What is it about these milestones that sends us moms into a panic?

“Just let it happen,” says one. “Let him run naked all day,” says another. As if it weren’t enough that my blood pressure is high just from living; now let’s add heart attack every time I see what I think could be a Snickers candy bar on my beige carpet!

Oh, well, lo and behold one day he said, “Mommy, pee pee!” “Really?” I shouted, just like the time I heard about H&M coming to Manhattan. To my surprise, he ran to the potty, sat, and I watched with pride. It’s been a rocky road since then – sorry for the pun – but hey, it’s a start.


Lisa St. Hill is an accomplished artist and instructor in fashion, dance and yoga with training from the Fashion Institute of Technology of NYC. A proud mother of two sons, one 22 and one 2 years old, she created the fashionable postpartum corset called My Goddess Wrap, which is featured in Connecticut ‘s largest lifestyle magazine, Serendipity.

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