Dressy Sweats

I want to share a real-life conversation I recently had with my husband when I bumped into him at the hairdresser’s around the corner from our apartment. He was there getting his hair cut, and I was there getting a blow dry for our school’s benefit gala. (It then proceeded to pour on me on...
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S.O.S. Product Review: Nurse Purse

*This is sponsored product review Review by Emily Becker-Weidman Nurse Purse manufactures stylish bags that hold a breast pump, pump accessories, and have room for other things a working woman or mom-on-the-go might want to carry with her. I was pretty excited to try it out; since being...
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5 Hot Made-In-The-USA Products For Mom

Every mom needs some space for relaxation and silence, especially after surviving the stress of the holiday season. It’s vital that you rejuvenate your relationship with your children by taking some time out for yourself. Tell your household that it’s “Mommy’s quiet time” now. When you...
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Soothing Nursery Design: Color Scheme Ideas

Pay close attention to your nursery in order to keep your baby's temperament calm, yet happy. The color you choose for your baby’s room defines the mood and ambiance of the nursery. Colors can stimulate or soothe the senses of your baby (and you), so the color choice plays a huge role in making a...
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