5 Made In Brooklyn Tees for Kids and Parents

To show off with your kids Brooklyn-style, we have put together our top five favorite Brooklyn-themed t-shirts for children and grown-ups. These tees exude the local flavor and all of them are made right here in Brooklyn!

1. Brooklyn Women’s T-Shirt | $35

This women’s t-shirt with blue with white stars has the distinctive style of old industrial Brooklyn. You’ll see industrial signs with a similar style around the Borough, so this shirt fits right into Brooklyn’s industrial chic style. What’s even better about this fabulous t-shirt is that its designed and printed in locally in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
Designer: Live Poultry Designs

Brooklyn t-shirts for moms and children, shop local

2. Soy De Brooklyn Kid T-Shirt | $40

Brooklyn ain’t all hipsters, farm-to-table spots, and high priced homes. Es mucho, mucho más!!! This Soy De Brooklyn tee captures the attitude, pride, and pays homage to the diverse heritage of the most famous borough in the world, Brooklyn. Inspired, designed, and printed locally.
Designer: Chili Ortega

Soy De Brooklyn t-shirt for kids, designed and printed in Brooklyn, grey with purple, white and red writing

3. Solidarity Brooklyn Baby Onesie | $27

A facetious Brooklyn take on the Polish Solidarność logo of the 1980s Solidarity workers’ movement led by Lech Wałęsa that brought down communism in Poland. This design is a nod to the great Polish communities that help keep Brooklyn colorful and cool, while gently implying solidarity with the borough itself as it transforms. This onesie is nicely finished with ribbed piping at all the seams and a 3-snap closure. 100% Natural Organic Cotton. Designed and made in Brooklyn.
Designer: Magdalena Concepts

baby onsie made is Brooklyn, white with red lettering that says Brooklyn

4. BKLYN Icons of Brooklyn kids shirt pink | $25

Silkscreen printed icons of Brooklyn t-shirt featuring the Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel and more. Designed and printed in New York. 100% cotton. Founded by the parents of two boys who wanted to create t-shirts that are fun, original, and creative.
Designer: Fineapple New York

child Brooklyn t-shirt made in Brooklyn, NY pink t-shirt with pizza, Bk bridge, hotdog, donut and ice cream cone on it.

5. AfroCity Baseball Shirt | $38

We run this City! 100% cotton. Printed in Brooklyn. Founded by Brooklyn-born designer Phillip Thomas. With the creation of Brooklyn Barn it’s his goal to make art viable and practically appreciated to the average Joe on a day to day basis. Hence the tagline, “Art made practical. Style made functional.”
Designer: Brooklyn Barn

Founded by Brooklyn-born designer Phillip Thomas, black and gray, quarter sleeve men's shirt

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Katharina was born in Germany and now proudly calls Brooklyn home. She is the mother of two young sons, 3 and 6 years old. She has founded IntoBrooklyn.com where Brooklyn lovers can shop a selective collection of Brooklyn apparel, accessories, art, books, gifts and more, all in one place.

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