Freedom with the New BOB MOTION

BOB, a leader among jogging stroller manufacturers, has brought its first four-wheel, lightweight stroller to the market. I was in SOHO recently to see the new BOB MOTION stroller in action. And it is impressive. A perfect stroller for city families, at 23 pounds the MOTION can be used from your first days home from […]

Sh*tty Mom

Sh*tty Mom is insightful, honest and gives great tips on useful parenting subjects such as “How to Hand off the Newborn Who Just Filled a Diaper.” It’s being called “hysterical” and even “criminally funny.” I don’t get it. Why call it anything but, “about f*cking time”? (For the mom standing there holding your just-crapped-in-its-diaper baby […]

Britax Party Pleases Babies and Moms

If you have ever been in a room full of new moms with their infants, you know what a “tough crowd” is: ladies who haven’t slept in at least four months can be difficult customers to please. Luckily, the trusted brand Britax can keep even the teething-est of babies–and their mommies–happy with safe, innovative products […]

Go Places: Momtrends Travel Tips

Like a linen suit, I do not travel well. I do not adjust easily to hotel rooms (except the Ritz-Carlton, and I am not kidding about that. I would not kid about that), other people’s homes, or new routines. And after our children became part of the picture, travel became a task not worth my […]

Martha Stewart Brings Craft to iPad

While I have tons to share about the exciting new app from Martha Stewart CraftStudio, I am going to begin at the end of this story. Because that’s where the custom sugar cookies from Eleni’s come in. And I can’t stop thinking about them. And what brought these cookies and me together is the Martha […]

Miracle-Gro Makes City Gardening a Breeze

On a recent rainy day in New York City, I rode the elevator with three-year-old Ellie up to the sleek Edelman Penthouse for a gardening event hosted by ScottsMiracle- Grow. Although the weather was dreadful and stormy, the timing could not have been better. The day before, while walking home from school, my four year […]

Great Expectations

I am just going to come out and say it: I didn’t expect much from this film. I am not a “chick flick” kind of person. There are only a few films in that genre that I have really, really enjoyed, and most were in the 1990s (Hope Floats, people. Hope. Floats.) What to Expect […]

Hershey’s Times Square: A Sweet Life

When I was turning 13, I had a huge party to celebrate my Bat Mitzvah. If you live in New York City or the surrounding suburbs, there is no need for me to explain what this is. The theme of that party was Harlequin clowns, and the color scheme was silver, black and red. I […]