Decisions: To Stay Or To Go

In most divorce cases today, adultery really isn’t taken into account when dividing assets. However, adultery with prostitutes is still illegal and particularly egregious, as in the Spitzer case. If Silda Spitzer waits too long after the prostitution incident to file for divorce, by default she has indicated to the court that she condones her husband’s behavior. The same is true for Huma Weiner, even if the circumstances in her situation are different.

The message…”Act briskly or forever hold your peace”.

When you initiate a divorce, courts put automatic orders in place. Automatic orders prohibit the people getting divorced from:

  • Withdrawing large sums of money
  • Incurring major expenses
  • Selling or mortgaging property
  • Changing life insurance beneficiaries
  • Relocating children
  • Locking a spouse out of the marital homes

The message: If you have chosen to stay married but live apart, the rules are blurred.

Getting a divorce conveys a message to your children, whatever their age and gender. In the Spitzer case, by separating rather than divorcing, what is the message Silda is sending to her three daughters? In the Weiner case, their son is too young to make a judgement about his parent’s decisions, but the day will come when he can and will do so.

Silda’s message: Could it be “Stand be your man?”

Huma’s message: Hopefully not that actions like her husband’s “are a result of a male biological imperative.”

Neither Elitot Spitzer nor Anthony Weiner are in the political arena at this moment, having both been defeated in primaries on September 10th . Nonetheless there is a cautionary tale for their wives, or which both Silda Spitzer and Huma Abedin should be aware.

Irrespective of physical separation from their husbands, Silda and Huma should be considering the following important issues when thinking about – rather than proceeding with – a divorce.

And what should the message be to our readers? Knowledge is power. Make decisions about your marriage by gathering the information you need to make educated choices.

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