Disney & Pixar ‘BRAVE’

Disney and  Pixar’s ‘Brave’ opens in less than a week! It’s a movie that heavily involves family. When I saw Pixar post this picture on Father’s Day I thought the timing of the movie was perfect. What a fun picture to warm our hearts and remember the first pretend sword fight we had with our own fathers. It’s an upbeat movie with sentimental moments and quirky humor.

BRAVE is the story of a Scottish princess, Merida, who lives with her three wild brothers, her father, King Fergus, and mother, Queen Elinor. Merida is an inspiring heroine with beautiful, long red locks. Her father taught her how to use her bow and arrow as a young girl and she develops amazing skills during her childhood. All she wants to do is ride through the forest and shoot her bow as she daydreams and lives a carefree life. The queen and the princess rarely see eye to eye, especially on the subject of her imminent marriage. Her mother is always on her back about using proper princess etiquette and preparing to become a bride. Merida decides to change her fate as she defies her stubborn mother and runs away to look for an answer.

I have come to expect Pixar films to have well developed characters and content for the entire family. I did feel like the struggle between mother and daughter was a little too adult for the kids. However, it was definitely an entertaining and well constructed movie. The characters were well developed and the music was upbeat and incredible. The movie definitely takes an unexpected turn in the middle. It’s very entertaining and your kids will definitely be mesmerized by all the action. I enjoyed the Scottish accents in the movie and of course the kilts! The Pixar film lives up to its PG rating with its dark magic and violent scenes. I have to say that I jumped in a few parts. I’m glad I took my 4 year old and left my 2 year old at home.   Your kids will want to take up archery lessons this summer. You better be prepared for that!

In theatres June 22!

Thanks Disney and Pixar for bringing families together all over the world!




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