Printed Denim and Leather Jackets

Can moms wear printed denim? My answer is YES!!! There are tons of options. I saw some great finds in H&M for as little as $24.95. They have tons of printed denim that you can wear during the Fall. If it’s your first time wearing printed denim, start off with a mild print. Like a […]

Under the Sea: Finding Nemo Lessons

Finding Nemo is a Walt Disney Picture and Pixar animated film. It is such a brilliant movie, which has so many life lessons in it. I am a huge believer in teaching kids lessons and principles visually. It’s almost like you can see the light bulb go off in their heads as they connect the […]

Clarins Beautiful Beginnings Pregnancy Kit

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can have. I remember having such a strong sense of fulfillment and intense joy for my growing belly. When I think about my three pregnancies, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with such a pure and deep love. Along with all of that love came […]

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

What does Jennifer Garner, a boy growing from a garden and a room full of mommy bloggers all have in common?  I found out last week when I was one of a few moms invited to watch The Odd Life of Timothy Green at The Moms event, featuring Jennifer Garner herself!  I must admit I […]

Easier Vacations with Kids

“It’s not a VACATION with kids, it’s a RELOCATION!” I knew I loved this woman after these words came out of her mouth. Traveling with kids can be exhausting. I always come home feeling like I need a vacation. Travel Mom showed us a slideshow of pictures she took with her family on vacation. One […]

Lemonade Stands

Have you done a lemonade stand with your kids this summer? Target has all of their Lemonade Stand accessories on clearance right now. A few simple supplies can make a wonderful learning experience for your kids. I was pleasantly surprised how focused my son was. He wanted to be a part of everything. It was […]

Beauty on a Budget

As an esthetician I am always looking for good products that everyone can use. Here are a list of products that will help make you feel and look beautiful on a budget. 1. CeraVe Products– moisturizing & great for sensitive skin. Cleansers & moisturizers. Dermatologist approved. Under $15 2. Maybelline Liquid Mousse Foundation– light & […]

Disney & Pixar ‘BRAVE’

Disney and  Pixar’s ‘Brave’ opens in less than a week! It’s a movie that heavily involves family. When I saw Pixar post this picture on Father’s Day I thought the timing of the movie was perfect. What a fun picture to warm our hearts and remember the first pretend sword fight we had with our […]