Under the Sea: Finding Nemo Lessons

Finding Nemo is a Walt Disney Picture and Pixar animated film. It is such a brilliant movie, which has so many life lessons in it. I am a huge believer in teaching kids lessons and principles visually. It’s almost like you can see the light bulb go off in their heads as they connect the lessons to the visual pictures – or in this case, the movie. I have loved Finding Nemo since the day it came out for this very reason.

There are huge lessons that are imparted in this movie to kids as well as adults. Like Dory, the blue fish that becomes Marlin’s best friend during the rescue mission. Her motto for living under the sea is, “Just keep swimming, swimming swimming.” When times get hard in their journey, she always sang these words to Marlin. She wanted Marlin to keep trying even when times were challenging. Don’t stop and don’t ever give up. Just because you don’t know exactly where you are headed, just keep on swimming! The meaning in this is very simple – life can be difficult and even young children are going to have trying days and times in their lives. They can remember Dory from Finding Nemo and think, “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.”

I bet you won’t believe me when I say that Finding Nemo can be even better than the first! Disney and Pixar have created an entire new way to experience this film. The animation and 3D effects are done right! It was amazing and unforgettable!

Finding Nemo 3D returns to theaters on Friday, September 14th.

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Long time NO SEA! Here is the trailer to the new 3D Finding Nemo.

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