Flower Girl Duty for a Beloved Nanny

Seven-and-a-half years ago, when our first child was born, we started the search for a nanny. We asked everyone we knew for referrals, interviewed a number of women and then resorted to a local baby-centered website with a great deal of trepidation. We interviewed some wonderful women, but had to go with our new parental instinct – nobody we had met was quite right.

And then one night, Beverly walked into our apartment. Prior to meeting her, I had spoken to her previous employer who raved about her. Based on her references, she sounded too good to be true. When she entered, our one month old was in the midst of an epic meltdown. Beverly calmly asked if she could hold our baby. She was the first potential caregiver to make that request. Our daughter nestled into her arms and within moments, quieted down and dozed off. We hadn’t even asked the first question yet, but my gut feeling was strong – she was ‘the one’.

The interview went great. We loved everything about her and upon checking additional stellar references, quickly hired her. Before going back to work, I had a chance to spend a few weeks with Beverly. I quickly realized that she is a natural nurturer with a wealth of knowledge about babies. I remember the first time I actually left the apartment and left her alone with my daughter. Even though it was a strange feeling, I knew in my heart that she was in good hands. I soon went back to work and our lives started a new routine.

Beverly was punctual, reliable, knowledgeable and professional. More importantly, she instantly formed a bond with our little girl and seeing them together was simply heartwarming. As the months marched on, Beverly taught me about teething, nap schedules, bathing, introducing solids and dealing with the first colds and stomach bugs. Her calm demeanor helped us weather the first-time parental panic-filled moments.

While most of our conversations initially centered on all things baby, we slowly got to know each other. We met her delightful daughter and she met our parents, siblings and friends. We learned more about her life, her interests and her quirks – as she did ours! I remember the day we told her that we were expecting #2, and how emotional and excited we all were.

When our second was born, Beverly was the one who brought our older daughter to the hospital to meet her baby sister for the first time. She helped me juggle a toddler and a newborn like a rock star. She kept calm and in control when at times, my husband and I thought we’d lose our minds with our two little nuts. She was supportive and encouraging when I needed it most. Miraculously, Beverly was one of the only people who did not get on my exhausted nerves. I loved seeing the smile on my daughter’s faces each morning when they greeted her and the lingering hugs they gave her when saying good night.

The years went on and Beverly became a very special part of our family. We had an effortless relationship and an ability to openly communicate with one another with love and respect. I had heard about all sorts of issues between my friends and their nannies and considered myself very lucky.

Four years later, with the onset of the recession, I was laid off. Telling Beverly that we had to let her go was one of the most difficult conversations we’ve ever had. I remember trying to write her a letter to express my gratitude and having such a hard time finding the words to adequately express what we felt for all she had done for our family. While we were all very emotional and sad, we knew our relationship would persevere, despite the change in circumstance. For quite a while afterwards, Beverly would babysit for us on weekends and the kids were always delighted to have special time with her. We missed her terribly, but remained equally committed to stay involved in each other’s lives.

It’s been three years since Beverly worked for us. She is now working for friends of ours and we get to see her when the kids have vacation days or we’re in her neighborhood. We’re thankful that we can pop in to catch up with her, while getting our fix of her amazing hugs.

When Beverly told us that she was getting married, we were over the moon and knew that her future husband was an extremely lucky man. When she asked our girls to be flower girls, we were touched beyond words. We were honored to be part of Beverly’s big day. Our girls were ecstatic to don their beautiful dresses and stand proudly as flower girls, with the little girl Beverly now takes care of.

It was a beautiful evening watching our Beverly, a stunning bride, exchange vows, declare her love and start a beautiful new chapter in her life. We were honored to meet her family and friends and to take part in the celebration. Beverly’s wedding will be embedded in all of our hearts forever.

Sometimes people come into our lives and we have no idea how special the bond will be. Beverly continues to be a wonderful blessing in our lives and the lives of our daughters. We are so thankful for that posting on that website, so many years ago, that brought us together. We are thankful for the years when she took such good care of our daughters and we’re especially thankful for the love that now is shared between us all.

Prior to becoming a stay at home mom, Mina was an HR Recruiter for years. Now her time is spent happily juggling the demands of two young daughters while trying to expose them to the endless adventures the city has to offer.

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