How To Help Your Adolescent Through A Relationship Breakup

anxiety This is a part of life that your adolescent may need help to navigate. It is important for your adolescent to understand that breaking up may be nobody’s fault. It can be hard, but sometimes it might be the best thing for two people to make the decision that they cannot grow anymore in the relationship. Let your child know that people may react differently when a relationship ends. It is not uncommon to feel sad, anger, disbelief, guilt or relief. Managing these feelings may be hard.

It may take your child some time to accept that the relationship ended and that it is time to move on. Sometimes, the ending of the relationship can give your child time to learn about herself, spend time with friends and do things she enjoys doing. Having someone she can talk to may be helpful. This may be a friend, family member or counselor.

Tips your child may find helpful:

Keep busy. Keeping active and doing things he enjoys may help to keep his mind off the break up. He may want to hang out with friends, read a book, go for a run or walk or listen to music.

Try something new. Sometimes it is helpful to make a fresh start by trying something different. There may be a course your child has always wanted to do – for example, drama, art, yoga – or she may want to start playing a sport. This is a great time to explore new things.

Look after himself. It may be a difficult time and it is important that your child looks after himself. Eating a healthy diet and doing something active may be helpful. It may also help to treat himself. Encourage him to do something he enjoys!

Tips that YOU might find helpful:

Remind your child that she is OK – encourage her to think about her achievements, friends, the people that have said good things about her, and the things that she enjoys.

Talk with someone you trust – getting some support when a relationship is ending may help your child work through how he is feeling. He may find it helpful to talk to friends, parents, a teacher, school counselor, doctor or another person he trusts.

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Dr. Jennifer Politis, PhD, LPC, of Politis Therapy Services, LLC, is a therapist and educational psychologist specializing in therapy and evaluation services for children and adults in Bergen County. She works with women dealing with issues related to motherhood, life balance, stress and relationships. Dr. Politis also works with children and adolescents that have learning differences, academic challenges, behavioral issues, depression and anxiety. Dr. Politis earned her doctoral degree from Fordham University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, School Psychologist and Certified School Counselor. Phone: 201-820-5737 Email: [email protected]

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