Lucky Spring Deals

There are a few good things about March. One of them is, of course, that the whole February Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is safely behind us (Does anyone else think it’s just plain mean to have the swimsuit edition come out right after Valentine’s Day the celebration of everything chocolate?!)

Another fun thing about March is Daylight Saving – when, for a few blissful days, your child sleeps in a little later. And last but not least, there is St. Patrick’s Day. A day of four-leaf clovers, ice cold “green” beer, cute little leprechauns and the luck of the Irish.

Speaking of luck, we hope these March Deals bring you a little luck!

Abigail Madison: $500 discount on full-time childcare placements made in March, April, and May. Offering the best pre-interviewed and pre-screened household staffing candidates in the business. [email protected].

Mind Over Matter: Complimentary private training session for the first 5 Moms who reply & $250 off of a 20-pack of classes for everyone! Whether in your home, office or outdoors, MOM trainers can turn any existing space into your own private gym. [email protected].

Zypsee: Save 50% on your first 5 rides! Introducing NYC’s quick, easy, Mom-friendly taxi alternative. It’s as simple as tapping your smartphone. Register with code 03-17-2013.

NY Kids Club: Get 1 Complimentary Week of Summer Camp, Holiday Camp, or Spring Camp ($550 value) when you register for preschool by April 15th. This deal applies at all of our 9 locations. Call now to register – spaces are limited. 347-706-4700.

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