Mama, do you tweet me?!? Twitter Explodes with Mommybites Summit Tweets!

The 2011 Mommybites Summit was a rocking time in person but the Twittersphere was a glow over the evening’s events too. Using the #mommybites, there were over 215,000 people who saw our over 700 tweets (and that was just that night; there have been many more since)!!!

Here are some of the tweets from the evening:

newyorkfamily: #FF to @babybites for delivering wonderfully on their night of “Shop Play Learn” at #Mommybites

YellowBrck: So the #mommybites summit was fabulous…

ComplicatedMama: @crazycrunchy just seeing your tweet. So glad you like the tips! The @babybites panels were great tonight. Esp @TodaysMoms #mommybites

coleemmett: Mommy had a terrific time at #Mommybites tonight- thanks so much to @babybites! So nice to see @emjnj @TheBabyGuyNYC @BabyPlannerNYC

xoKatHarrison: #Mommybites was a huge success tonight with @newyorkfamily! Lovely to put faces with so many names. Bravo @babybites.

TodaysMoms: Last ones standing at the #Mommybites Summit. Thanks so much to @babybites Laura & Heather for fun eve. Huge congrats

practicallygrn: loved the smart buzz @babybites #mommybites Summit tonight! So many great attendees. et @jenrab

pmaelee: Wish I had heard Marsha Greenberg’s talk when I was first pregnant. Must be enlightening for the expectant moms here. #Mommybites

halrunkel: Just finished a fantastic event with #Mommybites in NY! Great crowd, well-organized, & I came away w/ new helpful info.

ecachette: I feel bad for everyone at #mommybites missing out on this product safety talk by @keiths19. crazy. I’m LEARNING SO MUCH! #productsafety

TodaysMoms: gave a great talk at the #Mommybites Summit tonight. Moms, don’t forget to take time for yourself and let yourself be imperfect!

momconfessional @HalRunkel @ScreamFree was amazing as he keynote speaker at #mommybites… I was a littler nervous about the 45 min part but so awesome!!

mommyshorts: #mommybites has destroyed my perfect losing streak. Just won a Britax stroller!

sofamilyonline: I’m at the #Mommybites Summit in NYC meeting fabulous mommies and vendors. (

jenrab: Listening in on the Practically Green breakout session, a topic near and dear to my heart. #mommybites

primetimeparent: Congrats to @babybites on such a nice crowd tonight at the #mommybites summit!!

StaceyCrew: At #mommybites summit. Shaping up to be an exciting evening!

ComplicatedMama: Babybites has moved their Facebook Group to an official page- “Like” them! #mommybites

Thank you to all of our social media savvy community members for reporting the night’s events as well as sharing your feedback/comments/reactions in real time! Be sure to follow babybites on Twitter to not miss out on real time reporting of future babybites’ events.