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I have no problem admitting that I’m a huge fan (and addict) of Facebook. I often post my status, and upload pictures. Yes, I admit it, I absolutely love checking in daily (ok, multiple times a day). While there are a fair share of annoying posts out there, and some days it feels like there are more links and quotes than actual updates, the site has become a source of connection, reunions and even breaking news… all very important and welcome distractions throughout my day.

This past Sunday, there were countless Mother’s Day-related posts. The pictures of pregnant friends or first time moms, took me back to my own first Mother’s Day. The expressions of affection by mothers of young children describing how motherhood has changed their lives was something I related to throughout the day.

I loved seeing the pictures of breakfasts in bed, fancy brunches and handmade cards with heartfelt sentiments (and misspellings) from the little ones. It felt good to know that so many women were being spoiled and adored that day. It was a treat to see mothers of old friends whom I haven’t seen in decades. The pictures capturing generations of mothers and children in families were priceless. It’s amazing how, on Mother’s Day, everyone seems to age so gracefully on Facebook.

I loved reading posts by men I know who were far more sentimental and emotional online than in person, especially when it comes to acknowledging the most important women in their lives. I found their public declarations of love to be romantic.

What got to me throughout the day were the posts by those who have lost their moms, all too early in life. I respected the fact that these grown children wanted us all to know how very much their moms are still missed, appreciated and loved. I hope that the day held many moments of vivid and happy memories for them. It also made me once again realize the importance of expressing love now, in any way you choose, as opposed to waiting. My heart ached when I thought of the women I know who are desperate to experience motherhood and are trying to overcome the various obstacles in their way. The day certainly could not be an easy one for them.  I prayed for them and resolved, once again, to never take this miraculous blessing for granted.

In a way, Facebook has taken the place of greeting cards. It allows you to express your feelings and personalize your sentiments with photos and then shout it from your laptop for the Facebook world to read. It might not be as personal, but in it’s own way, I find the public statements of love to be heartwarming.

My kids are way too young to have their own accounts and my own mother is still holding out on joining the FB Revolution. So, on Mother’s Day, I took the old fashioned route of telling them and showing them what it means to have them in my life.
If they were on FB, my status would’ve read:

To my beautiful, selfless, outgoing, hysterical and loving mother: I’m honored to be lucky enough to call you my mom. You’ve taught me what unconditional love is, how to express it and you inspire me to be the best mother I can be. I would be lost without you.

To my amazing little girls:  thank you for allowing me the privilege of experiencing motherhood, the greatest gift of my life. Your generous hearts and spirits amaze me daily and I can’t imagine the world without you in it. I wish that one day, you are also blessed to experience motherhood for yourselves.

Thank you Facebook for connecting me every day with the trivial, the sweet, the important and the fun. On Mothers Day, you offered us all yet another forum for the expression of love and gratitude for the mothers in our lives.

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Prior to becoming a stay at home mom, Mina was an HR Recruiter for years. Now her time is spent happily juggling the demands of two young daughters while trying to expose them to the endless adventures the city has to offer.

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