A Mother’s Secret Wish List

Nishta2 We moms work hard. Our families expect us to whip up a home cooked meal, get school clothes ready, prepare packed lunches, give expert homework tuition, and know immediately where every lost toy is hiding. Simultaneously. And with a smile on our faces.

We’d all love to expertly juggle our complicated lives in the city whilst singing a jolly little ditty to show the world just how content we are, but sometimes our list of things-to-do just keeps on growing and growing. Then we’re more likely to snap at our loved ones than smile brightly.

That’s why we all have secret Wish Lists that we nurture and revisit every so often to calm ourselves after dealing with a difficult situation – such as the toddler tantrum in a crowded supermarket, or the boss’s tantrum when your project misses its deadline.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I thought I’d share my secret Wish List with you. My husband probably imagines that I long to go on a Mediterranean cruise or want to be surprised with a beautiful ring. But these aren’t the things I wish for. Quite simply, I just want some me-time:

  • I’d love to have a lie-in at weekends where my husband takes care of the kids and lets me catch up on sleep
  • I want to be able to sit in Central Park and read a magazine cover to cover without interruption
  • I want to have a big bubble bath without the kids bothering me to help look for their favourite sneakers
  • I’d like to have the occasional brunch with old friends for a catch-up and girlie gossip
  • I want to have one night off a week when I can join a class and make new friends
  • I want to exercise regularly at a time that suits me so I can feel healthier
  • I want to spend regular date nights with my husband where we explore new NYC haunts

I don’t think I’m asking for too much. And I suspect that many moms have a very similar secret Wish List. So, how do we get what we want? The most important thing is for your Wish List to no longer remain a secret. Don’t play Wonder Woman trying to manage every single task alone – you need to be honest with your family and ask for help:

  • Ask the kids to keep their rooms tidy and stop using the floor as a dumping ground for clothes / toys / books. This is easier said than done, but asking is a start!
  • Ask your partner to take a turn at looking after the kids so you can have a much deserved lie-in or indulgent bubble bath
  • Ask grandparents, aunts and uncles to babysit every now and again so you can have some quality time with your partner
  • Set an exercise schedule that suits you. Arrange fitness classes or activities that fit around your busy life

Ultimately, everyone in your family will benefit as your wishes are granted:  fathers and grandparents will have some great one-on-one time with the kids, and a relaxed mom will be able to really enjoy her children, whether they go to the playground, park or zoo together.

So no more secret Wish List – go public and reap the benefits!

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Nishta Giallorenzo is Founder and CEO of BoSoul.com, a platform that helps New Yorkers organize their own fun private exercise and fitness groups in their neighbourhoods and share the cost of top, vetted instructors. Nishta grew up in Mauritius, before moving to London to attend college. She also received an MBA from INSEAD France. Over the past 10 years, she has held several positions in technical, marketing and general management roles before founding BoSoul in NYC. Mother of two little girls, Nishta loves the beach, yoga, travelling, watching drama and spending time with her family.

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