Printed Denim and Leather Jackets

Can moms wear printed denim? My answer is YES!!! There are tons of options. I saw some great finds in H&M for as little as $24.95. They have tons of printed denim that you can wear during the Fall. If it’s your first time wearing printed denim, start off with a mild print. Like a […]

Coolibar Sun Protection Gear

I was recently introduced to Coolibar. As an esthetician I am always concerned about protecting our skin. Coolibar has adorable UPF 50+ sun protection clothing and hats for all ages. I feel confident that my children’s skin will be protected when wearing Coolibar. We can play and enjoy the sun without worrying. Coolibar Suntect fabric […]

Go Places: Momtrends Travel Tips

Like a linen suit, I do not travel well. I do not adjust easily to hotel rooms (except the Ritz-Carlton, and I am not kidding about that. I would not kid about that), other people’s homes, or new routines. And after our children became part of the picture, travel became a task not worth my […]

Trendy Trousers!

I’m bringing a trendy post your way today. I wanted to talk about printed denim and colorful trouser pants. These pants are getting mammoth reviews and retail backing. The trend was possibly going to be a bust, but has proved otherwise. What do think think about this trend? I had a little anxiety about finding […]

Fun, Fabulous, Sentimental Jewelry

As a busy mom I have zero time to pick out coordinating jewelry to go with my everyday outfits. I’m always looking for statement pieces that I can wear and never take off. I have fallen in love with dalla nonna, a jewelry designer based here in NYC. dalla nonna has graced the pages of […]

Stylish Summer Hats

Summer is almost here! Don’t be stuck at the park or the beach without a hat. Here are a few stylish and wearable hats. These hats will help protect your skin from the sun. Make sure you apply your sunscreen! Forever 21     Frock Candy             J. Crew   […]

The Ralph Lauren Gang Party

When spring is in the air, it makes me feel like shopping!! Fashion has always been a passion of mine. I remember as a little girl laying out all of my outfits the night before school. I would lay them out on the floor as if I was creating my own little person. Matching earrings, […]