Green Parenting: Using Essential Oils On Children

Last year, my daughter’s school was hit with a case of head lice. The schools sent out a memo and I was panicked. While it is apparently not an uncommon occurrence in schools these days, it was a huge shock that sent me searching on the internet for ways to keep my girls’ heads lice […]

Green Parenting: What is Kickstarter?

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of requests from friends to fund their Kickstarter projects. Leery as I always am when it comes to anyone asking me for donations online, I have mainly ignored them. But last week a person I admire was jubilant when their Kickstarter campaign got fully funded and she was able […]

Green Parenting: A Bit of Eco Inspiration

I have the good fortune of being a part of a women’s eco-warrier group that includes 127 of the nation’s most inspiring, dedicated and active eco-conscious women. Our main goal of the group is to “believe in the movement and want to add to the conversation about green living and green activism.” I love this […]

The Case Against Bleach

I’m not one to call out products usually but I am about to make an exception. Bleach, your days are numbered. Why so tough on bleach? I mean we’ve all been told how it is a must to keep our home germ free, right? Especially now with all of these nasty flus and viruses running […]

Eco-Movies You Should Watch Now

It’s cold outside where I live and there’s not much motivating me to get out and do. So I’ve been indoors, keeping a lower profile all while reading and doing home improvement projects (so cliche, I know). One thing that has come across my radar lately are the release of several new eco-movies that I […]

Pregnant Women, Young Children & Radiation Dangers

I know some of you feel overwhelmed by the amount of dos and don’ts when it comes to protecting yourself from cancer-causing substances and environments. It seems that everywhere we turn, there is a warning of “Do this and you will be at a higher risk for cancer.” It all seems like so much. Most […]