8 Simple Lifestyle Hacks for Family Fitness and Family Bonding

Your family’s fitness and nutrition is something that needs to be taken seriously.  Every parent should be proactive to improving the health and lifestyle of their family.  The trickle down effects of good health are immense and by following these tips, you will take your family down the path to improved wellbeing and happiness. Watch […]

When Can We Take Our Newborn out to a Restaurant?

As a new mom up to your ears in diapers, feedings, schedules, and generally just trying to figure it all out, you may long to do something “normal” again. Like go out to a restaurant. On the other hand, you’re probably worried about your little one. Germs. Changing station availability. Crying (maybe yours?).

This Is How to Use Play to Reveal Your Kid’s Feelings

My four and a half year old son began kindergarten at a NYC public school last September.  While I knew that this would be an adjustment for him, I naively underestimated its magnitude.  Despite our preparations throughout the summer, his first few days were extremely tearful, anxiety-ridden and overwhelming. Following his repeated requests-turned-pleadings not to […]

This Is a Collection of Parenting Hacks from Moms Who Know

We’ve searched the Mommmybites archives for some of the best mommy hacks we could find. Absorb the pearls of wisdom from these moms. Laura Deutsch, founder and creator of babybites & kiddybites: I’m so happy I created a ‘memory box.’ Whenever I hear my daughter or son say or do something cute, funny, or memorable […]

Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition: 5 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you should be paying special attention to your nutritional needs. You and your baby need more nutrients than you did before pregnancy. Here are some guidelines for the kinds of foods you should be eating, and their nutritional benefits. Eat Spinach During pregnancy it is so important to get enough Folate (or in […]

How Long Is Maternity Leave in the United States Typically?

A Mommybites reader asked: What is a typical maternity leave length? Advice from Expert: Renee Sullivan, parent and lifestyle coach Just as there in “no typical” pregnancies, maternity leaves run the gamut – some as short as six weeks and some as generous as one year. Under the Family Medical Leave Act in the US, […]