Parenting Styles: Free-Range & Helicopter

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There are many types of parenting styles and methods used by families all over the world. Most parents don’t even think about what their parenting style is on a day-to-day basis. Generally they just go through with their lives focusing on what they know, what works for their family, and what needs to happen. When they read or hear about parenting labels, it is almost a knee-jerk reaction when the definition rings true or false to how they parent. It is hard to be classified as one parenting type since parents tend to mix and mesh different styles depending on the day, child, situation, etc.

Two of the parenting styles that have been talked about recently in the parenting media are helicopter parenting and free-range parenting. Read on to find out more about these two different parenting styles that we will be discussing on our next Mommy ‘Bites’ BlogTalkRadio show next Tuesday, March 15.

What is free-range parenting?

Free-range parenting is “anyone who thinks that kids need a little more freedom and would like to connect to people who feel the same way. We are not daredevils. We believe in life jackets and bike helmets and air bags. But we also believe in independence. Children, like chickens, deserve a life outside the cage. The overprotected life is stunting and stifling, not to mention boring for all concerned.” FreeRange Kids

What is helicopter parenting?

Helicopter parenting is “a parent who pays extremely close attention to his or her child’s or children’s experiences and problems.” Wikipedia

To find out more about free-range & helicopter parenting, check out these informative pieces:

*** Be sure to join us on March 15 at 1 p.m. ET for our BlogTalkRadio show, Mommy ‘Bites’, where we will be discussing helicopter and free-range parenting with our roundtable of moms. We welcome you to call in, email, chat, and/or post your questions about these differing parenting styles.

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