Demystifying Kindergarten Admissions and ERBs: Teleclass Recap

For those of you who missed this wonderful teleclass, generously sponsored by NYKids Club and wonderfully presented by NY PEAS (Private Education Advisory Service), here is a link to the taped class and discussion on Kindergarten Admissions and ERBs.

Our presenters wanted us to share some helpful tips with you on navigating the Kindergarten admissions process.

Here are 10 Things To Jumpstart The Private School Admissions Process

  • Research as many schools as possible.
  • Attend spring tours/open houses as offered. Get ahead of the game.’
  • Keep an open mind about all schools.
  • Steer away from “Park-bench gossip”.
  • Set up a support system with only ‘genuine’ friends and/or an educational consultant you trust!
  • Jot down the five important attributes that you value in a school.
  • Get organized early by setting up a calendar or an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Think about your application essays during the summer; what would you want a school to know about your child?Make a list of all connections you may have to any school no matter how small.
  • Stay cool, calm and positive!

As well, here is a quick overview of ERBs:


  • The ERB is an acronym for Educational Records Bureau.
  • In NYC, it is a testing agency for the Independent Schools Admission Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY) since 1966.
  • The Education Records Bureau or ERB uses a non-standard version of the WPPSI-IV for their assessment which consists of both Verbal and Non-verbal subtests.
  • The actual WPPSI-IV contains 15 subtests. ERB only uses 8 of them: four verbal and four performance (non-verbal) subtests.
  • Verbal: Vocabulary, Similarities, Information, and Comprehension
  • Performance (non-verbal): Block Design, Matrix Reasoning, Bug Search, and Picture Concepts
  • The ERB test score is one of many factors of the admissions decision.


This teleclass was generously sponsored by NY Kids ClubThe NY Kids Club Early Enrichment Center offers preschool programs for children 2, 3 and 4 years old. All programs incorporate classroom time for art, music, math, science and literacy activities, and gym time, where children participate in gymnastics and sports classes in our state-of-the-art gymnasium, which features soft play mats, tunnels, a balance beam, uneven and parallel bars, trampoline, and more. Instilling a sense of love for school and learning is at the heart of the NY Kids Club Enrichment Center. Children develop a sense of autonomy, a sense of independence, self-esteem, curiosity and ability to ask questions, and the confidence to generate ideas. Admission for NY Kids Club preschool programs is on a rolling basis, and registration is now being accepted for the three new locations – Tribeca, Park Slope, and Williamsburg – scheduled for opening this summer.  Limited spaces are still available at the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Gramercy Park, Battery Park, and Brooklyn Heights locations. Visit us online at

About Our Presenters

Jennifer attended New York University and received her Master’s degree in Education from Columbia University’s Teacher’s College. She taught second grade and has worked in the admissions office of a prominent New York City private school. She lives in Manhattan with her wonderful family.

Vimmi completed her Undergraduate degree in Business and Economics in India. She has a Masters in Education from New York University. She taught at various private schools in New York City. She has worked as an admissions officer as well as a Director of Admissions at various New York City private schools.

Joelle is an Education Consultant. She holds a Masters Degree in School Counseling and has a dual degree in Regular Education and Teacher of the Handicapped. She was a middle school classroom teacher for children with learning disabilities and chair of her department for over 10 years. She has been consulting with families and schools for over 15 years. Joelle can be reached at  [email protected] 

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