5 Ways to Spice Up Your Thanksgiving

The unfortunate holiday that typically gets the short end of the stick is Thanksgiving. If you find that your traditions tend to miss out on that Thanksgiving vibe, here are a few suggestions for different ways to spice up your November with some extra thankfulness.

7 Ways to Lower the Morning Stress Level in Your Home

Fall is in full swing. Pumpkin flavors everything from coffee to candles. Football dominates the weekends. And, the kids are busy with school, sports and other activities. Any parent will tell you that a busy school year usually means “morning madness”. One mom described trying to get her kids and herself out the door in the morning a “daily disaster.” 

Martha Stewart Brings Craft to iPad

While I have tons to share about the exciting new app from Martha Stewart CraftStudio, I am going to begin at the end of this story. Because that’s where the custom sugar cookies from Eleni’s come in. And I can’t stop thinking about them. And what brought these cookies and me together is the Martha […]