New Campaign Informs Nannies and Parents about Expanded Rights for Domestic Workers

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Today the NYC Commission on Human Rights launched a new public education campaign to help educate the approximately 300,000 NYC nannies and other domestic workers, and their employers. The campaign will raise awareness of the rights that will be extended to domestic workers starting this March, when an addition to the NYC Human Rights Law, Intro 339-B, is enacted.

Starting today, ads with important information for domestic workers and their employers will be shared on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Beginning in the new year, the ads will be found throughout the city, in bus shelters, information kiosks, and other places.

an add targeting domestic workers
An ad targeting nannies and other domestic workers.

Reactions to the Campaign and the New Protections for Nannies

“March of 2022 ushers in an important expansion of the NYC Human Rights Law when Intro 338-B takes effect,” said Annabel Palma, chair and commissioner of the NYC Commission on Human Rights. “Domestic workers, such as caregivers, nannies, and housekeepers, are essential to New Yorkers’ ability to thrive, and care work is a vital piece of the city’s infrastructure. Our campaign aims to educate domestic workers on their rights and protection, and to ensure employers understand their obligations.”

The NYC Commission on Human Rights will work with domestic worker advocate organizations, such as Hand in Hand, to help spread the word about the new protections. Tatiana Bejar, Hand in Hand’s NYC Lead Organizer, is thrilled. “To change the cultural norms in the care sector we need to enforce local laws,” she said. “Employers of nannies, housecleaners and home attendants need the consistent support of NYC government for guidance for best employment practices. Enforcing Intro 339 is a huge step not only in recognizing the human rights of domestic workers in the workplace, but also elevating the principles of equality and fairness in New York City.”

“This is very important to the domestic working community on a whole,” said Mommybites Nanny of the Year Tassecia Simpson-Little. “Now we just need more people [workers and employers] to hear about it.”

This is What Parents and Nannies Need to Know About the Expansion of the NYC Human Rights Law (with Intro 339-B):

What is Intro 339-B?

Intro 339-B expands the existing NYC Human Rights Law, extending workplace protections to full- and part-time domestic workers, regardless of employer size. This includes workers in private homes.

When does 339-B go into effect?

The new protections will go into effect on March 12, 2022.

How will this new domestic worker protections impact parents who employ nannies and other home workers?

The law is an expansion of the current NYC Human Rights Law, and will effect all employers regardless of size- eliminating the typical four-employee minimum for employer liability. This includes many private homes where nannies and other caregivers work. It’s important to note that a parent who hires just one domestic worker will have obligations under the expanded law.

What should parents know about the expanded law before they hire or interview nanny/caregiver candidates?

Parents interviewing nannies will no longer be allowed to ask about salary and credit histories, or ask them to take a pre-hire drug test to detect marijuana/THC. They must also provide accommodations on the basis of religion and disability, as well as pregnancy, breastfeeding and other lactation-related needs. The expansion of the law prohibits discrimination in hiring based on age, race, gender, and religion.

What happens if a domestic worker feels their rights have been violated?

Employees whose rights have been violated will be able to file a claim with the city’s Human Rights Commission or another venue of their choosing.

Where can parents and nannies get more information about 339-B?

More information about the expanded law is available on the city’s website.

Ad for new NYC Commission on Human Rights campaign
An ad targeting employers.

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