Mommybites Nanny of the Year

Nanny of the Year 2021 is Tassecia Simpson-Little

Announcing the first-ever Mommybites Nanny of the Year: Tassecia Simpson-Little! Tassecia was nominated by her employer Jillian Hochfelder, who wrote the following in her nomination:

Tassecia is a truly special human being and nanny. My family is the absolute luckiest to have Tassecia in our lives. She is a calming presence in my home and has become part of our family.

One star moment was when Tassecia became a school teacher for my children after COVID closed their schools down. I had to continue physically going to work throughout COVID so Tassecia was at home with my three children teaching them, doing art projects, singing, helping them with Zoom, and everything in between. Another star moment was was when my 7-year-old daughter started crying in frustration over her homework. Tassecia quickly and smoothly calmed her down with her soothing voice and easy way. Within one minute, my daughter stopped crying and completed her homework without any trouble.

More importantly, Tassecia has been a constant and a source of strength for me and my children over the last year as we have had a major transition in our lives. She is a true gem and is a special person. To know Tassecia is to love her

“I feel really honored,” says Tassecia, of being named the first Mommybites Nanny of the Year. “So many of my friends and family members were so supportive and thought I deserved to win. However, there are so many other nannies who are even greater nannies than I am for sure.”

Tassecia, who has worked as a nanny for 19 years, currently works in Rye Brook, NY. She loves seeing the kids she cares for smile and giggle. “My kiddos had a rough year,” Tassecia explains, “and to see them smile now makes me so much happier.” Tassecia’s main tip for other nanny professionals is to be your authentic self.  “Show up as you and have open communication,” she advises.

Stay tuned for a special publication showcasing Tassecia and the contest finalists. In the meantime, check out our many nanny-related resources below and reach out if there are nanny-related questions that you would like us to answer.

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