Fun Things to Do in NYC While Pregnant

Going on a vacation while pregnant can feel boring. There’s so much you can’t eat, drink, or try out because it’s bad for the baby. Despite all this, a trip to New York City can end up being the perfect vacation for expecting mothers. Whether it’s your first time visiting or your first time living in NYC while pregnant, there’s a lot to do- even after you exclude all the things you can’t do during these nine months.

Checklist for Choosing the Right Summer Camp

Sending your kids away to summer camp can be stressful for parents, but with a little due diligence, the experience doesn’t need to cause anxiety. Here’s a helpful checklist to ensure that you choose the right camp for your family, so you can relax and enjoy the summer.

Autumn Getaway in the Catskills

The Catskills is a gorgeous destination all year round, but something about the brilliant colors of the autumn foliage make it a must-see this time of year. Only a two hour drive from NYC, it is the perfect weekend getaway with kids. STAY The Arnold House is an idyllic retreat away from the hectic pace […]

Want Some Whine?

School is out, and camp’s begun – hooray! In the break between these two glorious institutions, many of our children took us on excursions to a dark and unlovely place I call Whine Country. “It’s not fair! Why can’t I have more iPod time??” “You promised we’d get ice cream!” “Ryan’s hitting me!” More distracting […]

Hints on Sharing a Vacation Home

With summer just around the corner, many of us are planning vacation rentals. This often means sharing a home with extended family or close friends. Many times, the result is a convivial, festive romp that produces fond memories and occasional hilarity. Unless it doesn’t. There are several situations that may arise, particularly around other people’s […]

The Best Way To Take A Kid-Free Mini Break

This time of year, many families are embarking on getaways. These can take many forms.  My personal favorite is to leave the kids with Grandma and head off somewhere – anywhere – without them. But this is not always feasible for a variety of reasons, and traveling with kids can be, let’s face it, hell. […]

Spring Fling – Peaceful Vacationing for Divorced Families

Spring break conjures up visions of fun in the sun and a carefree break from school. For divorced or divorcing families and for blended families, long breaks from the school year routine can create a unique set of challenges. Whether you are traveling or having a ‘stay-cation’, sorting out plans and transitions can be exhausting […]

Ode to Summer

My sweet girls, As I dropped you off for the first day of school today, I had that moment of overwhelming emotion that has been present since your first day of preschool. There is such a feeling of promise and excitement in the air each year on this day. I look back on our summer […]

Life In The Blink Of An Island

We just got back from a wonderful family trip to Barbados. Just the other day, as I was floating in the magnificently turquoise waters, I couldn’t help but think back to all the trips I’ve been lucky enough to take to this special destination. I reflected on how each trip and island has represented a […]