Tips on Traveling with Babies: What to Bring & How to Do It

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Does vacationing with a baby sound like the least relaxing thing you can do? Well, you’re not alone there. Moms definitely don’t get a break on vacation, but there are measures you can take to help things go more smoothly and maybe even get a few minutes of peace.

What to bring

New moms quickly learn how much gear comes with a new baby. But here’s the thing: It’s not all necessary. And the things that are necessary for you may be pointless for someone else. Another important lesson for new moms: every baby is different.

But as you go through your checklist, think about bringing the following items to make your life easier:

  1. A well-stocked diaper bag – Make sure your diaper bag is stocked with the important items that you may not use every day. These are easy to miss, but if you don’t have them, you’ll be kicking yourself for sure. Pack diaper cream, sunscreen, a change of clothes, bibs and burp cloths in addition to diapers, bottles and a changing pad.
  2. Travel high chair – Unfortunately, not every restaurant will have an adequate high chair for your little one. Although a travel high chair is something else to lug with you, it can make meals out much more comfortable.
  3. Your favorite travel stroller – Your travel stroller should be extremely lightweight, easy to push and pivot, and able to hold a fair amount of stuff. Cupholders aren’t necessary, but they are definitely a plus!
  4. Comfortable sling or carrier – It’s easier to get around in crowded places when you’re wearing your baby.
  5. Portable crib or pack ‘n play – If you have access to a crib where you’re staying, you may be able to skip this one.
  6. Car seat – You’ll probably need this whether you’re traveling by train, plane or automobile.
  7. Miscellaneous stuff – You’ll also want to pack extra blankets, baby wash, medicines, a first-aid kit, a nightlight and plenty of extra bottles.

Tips for traveling with a baby

The key to traveling with an infant is to imagine every scenario and try to plan for it. But try not to let the planning stress you out. If you forget something, you can probably pick it up while you’re out. For every problem, there’s a solution.

Here are a few tips to help the trip go more smoothly:

  1. Pack each outfit in a Ziploc bag – You’ll never have to dig for tiny baby socks if every outfit is self-contained.
  2. Keep toiletries in a plastic bag – To prevent spills, keep everything liquid in one sealed bag.
  3. Start packing a week early – You will inevitably forget something, but if you give yourself more time, you may remember more of the things.
  4. Plan around naps – You may be tempted to forge through the day without considering naptime, but this may be a mistake. Plan quiet outings for times when your baby usually sleeps, and have a plan for where he or she will sleep too.
  5. Continue your bedtime routine – Routines are so important for children, so stick as closely to the time and patterns you set for bedtimes. If it includes a book and a bath, make sure to keep that up on vacation.
  6. Get your car ready – Whether you’re driving to the airport or across the country, make sure your car is up on its routine maintenance. No one wants to break down with a baby in the car.

With the right gear and planning, your trip is sure to be a success!

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