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Today was my youngest daughter’s last day of pre-school. She embarked on her educational journey at the age of three and has spent two years at a wonderful school. She is proud of being a pre-school graduate and is very excited for summer
vacation before starting Kindergarten in the Fall at her big sister’s school.

It was a hectic time at dismissal with pouring rain and frazzled parents trying to
juggle report cards and artwork, while trying to say good-bye to teachers and make
tentative summer play dates. In the midst of all the chaos, I couldn’t help but choke
up when saying a final goodbye to my daughter’s incredible teachers. I gave them a
big hug and quickly tried to the find the words to adequately thank them.

My daughter started school two years ago and thanks to her teachers, she now knows her ABC’s and numbers and is on the brink of reading. She has learned so many songs and has loved taking the stage at various school productions. She has enjoyed every single birthday celebration and field trip. She has made so many adorable friends. She has grown socially and emotionally and is an inquisitive and enthusiastic learner.

I remember how tiny she looked on that first day of school in comparison to her
giant backpack. I worried if she’d eat her lunch, if she’d mind her manners and listen
to her teachers while also being kind to her classmates. Each morning she skipped
to school and at the end of the day she came home with a smile and a few stories. As
a parent, you know when your child is happy and feels safe and loved. We’ve been
lucky to have chosen schools that have accomplished all of these for our girls and

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I have no idea how teachers have the stamina to do their jobs. To be a good teacher you have to truly love children and have an innate desire to nurture and guide, encourage and teach. As a parent, trying to do all of that on a daily basis for my two
girls is quite a feat, much less, for an entire classroom with varying needs, abilities and personalities. The level of patience that is needed to deal with all those children (and their parents) mystifies me. Hands down, being a teacher is the hardest job
out there and I feel nothing but deep gratitude and appreciation for the teachers my girls have had and loved so far.

I wish I had the words to properly thank her teachers for keeping her safe and
happy, for building her self-confidence and for showing her how to believe in
herself and her abilities. I wish I had the words to thank them for teaching her how
to make an effort and showing her how sweet the feeling of accomplishment can
be. I wish there were words of thanks for helping her learn to respect herself and
others and for showing her how to be kind and compassionate. Most of all I would
want to thank them properly for showing her love and support and instilling, at
this very young age, a love for learning and community. I hope my hug, tears and heartfelt ‘Thank You’, was a small demonstration of the deep gratitude I feel. I hope
that my children will continue to have such devoted professionals to guide them on
their educational journey. I hope teachers everywhere have a wonderful, relaxing
(and quiet) summer and come back in the Fall with renewed energy to do what they
do best for our children.

Prior to becoming a stay at home mom, Mina was an HR Recruiter for years. Now her time is spent happily juggling the demands of two young daughters while trying to expose them to the endless adventures the city has to offer.


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