Top 5 Activities for Pregnant Moms to Do in Brooklyn


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Brooklyn has become one of the most exciting boroughs in New York.

Full of culture, the variety of things you can be a part of will make your calendar the envy of others. There are a host of activities you can take part in, in Brooklyn. Especially when you are pregnant.

There’s more to do than sit at home reading baby books and eating pickles and ice cream. Expectant Moms – now is the perfect time to participate in as many activities as you can! This is a milestone in your life that ought to be experienced to the fullest – from the smallest thing to the major moments.

Here are the top 5 activities pregnant moms like you can do around Brooklyn.

Get a Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy brings with it a few pregnancy pains. Backaches, swollen feet, it can be taxing on a new mommy’s body. Prenatal massages are a great option for all of this and then some. There are a few places that offer prenatal massages for moms.

Done by knowledgeable professionals too. D’mai Urban Spoon in Park Slope offers Swedish deep-tissue massages with a focus on relieving stress, while Element Natural Healing Arts in Carroll Gardens helps new moms with nausea relief using acupuncture.

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Be sure to do your research before making an appointment so you know how to be prepared and understand the right questions to ask before getting started.

Take a Yoga Class

Practicing Yoga while pregnant offers a few benefits. It teaches you how to breathe with a purpose, which can be useful once it is time to bring your little one into this world. And a lot of the poses practiced in yoga aids in readying your uterus for the big day. A lot of the yoga studios in New York offer prenatal classes. One of them is Bend & Bloom in Park Slope who prides themselves on their diverse and relaxing prenatal and postnatal yoga classes.

Go Running In Prospect Park

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Experts say that if you are in good health and your pregnancy is uncomplicated, running is perfectly fine when pregnant. If you were actively working out before your pregnancy, this is especially beneficial for you. Running helps build stamina and assists with controlling your breathing which is both huge pluses when the time arrives to give birth. Prospect Park is approximately three miles long. If there is any place in Brooklyn perfect for working on stamina and breathing while running, Prospect Park is it. Surrounded by trees and the lakefront, you’ll have a beautiful landscape to gaze out at as you do it, too.

Take A Cooking Class

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Mastering the art of cooking is easier than you might think if you happen to be someone who finds cooking to be a bore. With the soon arrival of your little one, now is the perfect time to prepare a recipe book and build the knowledge about preparing meals for them. But not just any kind of meals – nutritious meals.

There are a variety of places around the city that offer cooking classes of all kinds. Mukti’s Kitchen is a highly-rated hands-on cooking establishment, where you’ll have fun learning healthy and delicious Indian recipes in a friendly, interactive setting.

Purple Kale Kitchenworks will help you get ready for when baby arrives and you have less time to do anything – let alone cook for your family. Their “ingredient-driven, zero-waste strategy” will help moms of all skill levels and time deficits plan for preparing delicious home cooked meals.

You can also do a simple Google search by typing in “cooking classes near me,” to pull up results relevant to your interests and specific location.

Have a Babymoon Staycation

Making time to do the fun things after your baby arrives will be a challenge. It can be done, but it won’t be as easy as it is now. Babymoons are like honeymoons except with the addition of a baby bump. They are an opportunity to spend time with your partner, just the two of you before the arrival of your little one.

Many couples choose to go away to tropical islands for their babymoons. Why not have a staycation? Some pregnant mommies cannot travel or plan their babymoons too late when the cutoff time to travel while pregnant has come and gone. Instead of forfeiting the experience, enjoy a staycation.

Take a tour of your city, eat at that restaurant you’ve always wanted to, get a couple’s massage, or just relax at home and do nothing at all. Doing so will be great for your psyche, will strengthen your bond with your partner before your baby arrives, and it will give you amazing energy that will be useful in later months.

Being pregnant is a momentous moment in many women’s lives. It’s a time to reflect and to learn the basics of parenthood. It’s also a time to get out and explore. As you can see, Brooklyn is an excellent place to do that. See what it has to offer for a pregnant mom like yourself. Try these five activities and watch more opportunities to participate in other activities open right before your eyes.

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