5 Reasons the Suburbs Rule & 3 Reasons We Miss NYC


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We get it—you love the city. We love it, too. And, like you, we vowed we’d NEVER leave city limits—EVER.

Then one day we did. Some of us stayed put for awhile while others made the leap right away—some even before the kids came. And now? Now we’re settled in suburbia, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because, while the city is amazing, the ‘burbs rule—and we’re here to stay. Why?

5 Reasons the Suburbs Rule

1. One Word: Backyard

Really, does this one even need an explanation? Being able to step outside and be in your own personal outdoor oasis is #1 in our book. Throw in a playscape, a BBQ and maybe a pool and you’re good to go all year long.

2. More Space—Eveything

Rooms are bigger. Closets are bigger. The kitchen is bigger. And you’ve even got a basement and an extra bathroom or two. That means after years of apartment living your family can FINALLY spread out. What could be better?

3. So Long, “Apartment-Friendly”

Mini versions of furniture. Unwieldy storage solutions. All the groceries you can safely carry down the block and up the stairs. While we got good at navigating small space living, there’s something amazing about kicking it all to the curb and just spreading out.

4. It’s a Dog’s Life

Got a dog? That means you’re heading down to the lobby, out the door and around the block multiple times each day. Normally that’s no problem, but what about that last blizzard? Or torrential downpours? Or icy cold conditions? It’s not ideal—even your pup would agree. But in the ‘burbs? While Rover still needs exercise when it’s really bad (or really late or really cold) you can open the back door and let him do his business. It’s a win/win.

5. Guests Galore

Ever try entertaining grandma and grandpa in a 700-square foot two-bedroom? Not ideal. But with space comes the luxury of guest rooms and, beyond that, enough bathrooms to keep everyone in motion in the AM. Trust us, it’s a game changer.

But, we admit, there are a few things we miss about city living.

3 Reasons We Miss NYC

1. NYC the Middle of Everything

NYC can be exhausting, but there’s something exciting about stepping out of your door and being in the middle of everything instantly. You can live in the greatest town ever, but that hustle and bustle are impossible to replicate in the ‘burbs.

2. The Subway…Really

We swore we’d NEVER miss the subway but, guess what? We do! Even suburbia isn’t immune to traffic and, for working parents, getting to the train every morning would be infinitely easier if we could just hop into a subway station and go. So next time you curse the 4 train think of us stuck behind a school bus wishing we had a MetroCard in our hand…

3. Non-Stop Delivery

What can’t you get in 30 minutes in the city? Whether it’s piping hot pizza, a case of wine, groceries, dog food or diapers, you can order anything and everything in the city. Sure, you’ll find a Thai restaurant that delivers to your neighborhood, but chances are you won’t have the same speedy service—and chances are you won’t have the same level of variety once you hit suburbia. The tradeoff? Cars, of course. But saying so long to Seamless was tough—we admit it.

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