Welcome to Mommybites New York!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our new Mommybites site! You probably know us as babybites, but we have changed our name to Mommybites to be more inclusive of moms with children of all ages. We are so excited for you to poke around our new site.

We still offer the same amazing in person events such as our mom support groups, luncheons, babies’ firsts parties, and workshops. We still offer our educational online content in the form of our webinars, tele-classes, parenting videos, and blog talk radio shows. We still have the most successful Nanny Board in all of NY! We have added a NY-specific parenting blog where you will find articles and posts on NY specific events, classes, shops, parks, and everything else NYC mom related.

After six years of growing with you and your babies/kiddies, we decided it was time to also grow as a company to accommodate everyone in our mom community. We have expanded our website to offer support, education and resources on a national basis. Don’t worry, we still provide all of your favorite events, support groups and online education; but now, with our spiffy new look it is a lot easier to find the information and services most relevant to you.

Learn even more about the new Mommybites with a quick two-minute tour of the New York site!

We at Mommybites remain dedicated to supporting moms, and we hope that you will find us to be a useful resource as you move through your parenting journey.

Hope to see you soon!