Empowering You With Safe & Natural Alternatives – Maty’s Baby Ointment: S.O.S. Product Review

Review by Jessie J. Rubin There’s a lot of baby ointment out there – so what make’s Maty’s different? Well here’s what Maty’s founder, Carolyn Harrington (mother to daughter Maty – whom the company was named after), had to say: “Your baby’s skin produces oils that naturally protect them from microbial attacks that help keep them […]

S.O.S. Product Review: Spark Gift

*This is sponsored product review Review by Heather Wallock As the mother of two boys who is expecting a third boy, I am a little nervous about getting gifts that will not fit in my already very full home. I also have everything I could possibly need. So I was excited to review Spark Gift! The […]

S.O.S. Product Review: Stepping Stories

*This is sponsored product review Review by Catherine Jarman For those hard-to-talk-about childhood situations, experiences and rituals, Stepping Stories provides lovely, developmentally appropriate, personalized children’s books that can be a powerful tool in the parental toolbox. Book subjects include the many milestones in a child’s life, such as going to the dentist/doctor, going to school, potty training, […]