5 Favorite Baby Wraps & Slings 

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5 Favorite Baby Wraps & Slings 

By Marissa Oliva 

Infant baby wraps and slings can be a wonderful way to bond with your little one from birth on — while still keeping your hands free. Unlike traditional baby carriers, which can be too big for newborns, wraps and slings allow you to support your baby from the day you take them home from the hospital. And, ICYMI, baby wearing provides a whole host of benefits for both parent and baby: By keeping babies close in a carrier, infants feel comforted by being snuggled against their parent’s body, reducing crying, regulating temperature and promoting faster development. For breastfeeding mamas, most baby carriers also allow for discreet nursing on the go. With the right carrier that ensures baby is properly positioned and secured, you can reap all the amazing benefits of holding your baby frequently — without the downside of having your hands full.

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Some added pluses- these versatile baby carriers come in various styles, materials, and designs to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you prefer a cozy wrap or a sleek sling, there’s a perfect option for every parent and baby duo. Some are even designed with additional features like pockets for storing essentials, adjustable straps for comfort, and breathable fabrics for different climates.

Tips to know- When choosing a baby wrap or sling, it’s essential to consider factors like safety, ease of use, and your baby’s comfort. Definitely look to the manufacturer’s guidelines for guidance that your baby is positioned correctly to prevent any discomfort or safety issues.

Good to know- baby wraps and slings are not only practical but also provide an intimate way to connect with your newborn. With the right choice, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of baby wearing while keeping both you and your baby content and comfortable. Ahead, our favorite wraps and slings on the market.

Solly Wrap 

A great choice from newborn (8 to 25 pounds) to the early toddler stage.  This machine washable lightweight wrap uses a velvety soft modal material that both you and baby will love snuggling into. Once you get the hang of wrapping (follow the included instructions) it’s pretty seamless to do, and we love the different patterns this brand offers.

Moby Wrap 

This 100% cotton wrap is durable and stretchy, so it grows with your baby and is highly recommended by a Moby Wrap educator that is a great wrap for bigger babies -it can hold little ones up to 33 pounds — while fully supporting their hips, neck and back that also creates a balance hold for the wearer. 

Baby K’Tan Pre Wrapped Wrap

One of the challenges parents and caregivers have with baby wraps is that there’s definitely a learning curve when learning how to wrap the large piece of fabric around you and your baby. Enter this pre-wrapped option which does all the hard work for you. With the same comfortable, cushiony feel as fabric wraps and no hardware, clips or buckles, you and your babe will enjoy the benefits of baby wearing with none of the hassle. 

Wild Bird Sling 

This ring sling is easier to wear for some parents compared to wraps, and offers lots of versatility: You can wear baby on your front, hip or back. As a plus, it is acknowledged as “hip healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.  We also love how breathable the  lightweight linen fabric is, so neither of you will get too hot.

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

This mom favorite is a blankety, muslin texture ring sling carrier. This sling is designed to be fitted to your baby to keep them in an ergonomic position. The easy tutorials this brand hosts on their website. We find this one to be particularly easy to wear while breastfeeding and even pregnant. 

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