Making life easier with baby #2

What are your product recommendations for baby #2? You’ve had the first baby and along comes the second. What items help make life with two easier?backtandemonpage

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14 thoughts on “Making life easier with baby #2

  1. I would not be without my Bjorn and a sling in my arsenal. The Bjorn is great when you are out running errands with your family and I like the sling for around the house when I am doing chores.

  2. A double stroller is a must! We have the Phil & Ted’s which I love because we can go anywhere in the city and fit through doorways, etc. However, my older son isn’t a fan of the bottom seat so I attached some toys to the back of the top seat for him to play with. I also try and put a few things in the storage area that he can access easily and play with like toy cell phone, sand shovel, etc.

  3. Hands down – Phil & Teds double stroller!!! It is the must-have for people with 2 little ones in an urban environment! You don’t hog the sidewalk, can get in and out of stores, etc… Couldn’t live without it.

    2 other useful items for when #2 was little: Ergo carrier, so you can have the infant on board while you’re older ones running around in the playground; and a nursing coverup (hooter hider) because you’ll be nursing on the go a lot more when you have an older child to entertain.

  4. The Baby Jogger City Mini stroller is a liesaver. My 3 year old and newborn (now 1 year) fit perfectly and it’s great!

  5. a baby carrier or sling and a diaper bag backpack- it is great to be hands free and still be able to carry stuff for both kids!

  6. Ergo baby carrier and Maclaren Twin Techno are definite musts. I am also testing out the wheeled board for the Bugaboo stroller to see how that goes. What I have been looking for (and am considering creating myself), is a baby bag that’s large enough to pack for two but that doesn’t get so heavy. Packing two sets of diapers to go anywhere can be a bear!!!!!

  7. We really like the City Mini Double — its a smooth ride and an easy fold, although one of the front wheels did break (baby jogger sent a new one for free). We also have the Phil&Teds, which I have to say we don’t love as a double (I really like it as a single though).

  8. BuggyBagg Shopping Cart Cover (single) – This high quality cover will fit warehouse club carts easily and can be used until your baby is a toddler. Soft, padded, with two safety straps, extra pockets, and zips closed into a compact diaper bag. Also available for twins. A comfy baby is a happy baby – wouldn’t go grocery shopping without it!

  9. A sling! you can push one while carrying the other. Or, a Phil & Ted’s stroller — LOVE mine.

  10. “Baby’s First Journal” was a lifesaver! I was able to keep track of everything my 2nd needed while juggling my first baby’s needs.

  11. Maclaren Triumph Twin. It’s light and narrow enough to get through any doorway and elevator and is a god-send in the airport.. We have taken our 2-1/2 year old and 4 month old on numerous trips and would not have done as well running through airports without that stroller.

  12. A great tandem stroller that gets you through the narrow doors and sidewalks of NYC. The Phil & Ted ones are great.

  13. I would definitely recommend an Ergo! My daughter is 2 years old and still needs to be put in a cart when grocery shopping… and with baby #2 I can carry him and still have put grocery items in the cart. I tried the car seat in the cart but then all the food gets put on top of the car seat or my daughter starts to eat it. So my recommendation is an ERGO CARRIER!

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