What’s a Kid’s Zone?

Imagine you are at a wedding, baby shower, blowout birthday party, corporate event or family reunion & there is an area that you can drop off your children when they get bored, fussy or just want to be engaged in something new?

Yes I said…Drop them off!

In enters a Kid’s Zone!

kids playing with babysitterA ‘kid’s zone’ is basically a pop-up child-care center fully equipped with reliable energetic sitters, a check-in/check-out process to ensure the safety of your child, activity stations to surely engage imagination, take home gift bags and more!

Find a company that is a pro at customizing a ‘kid’s zone’ for your event. Get a great theme & have them arrange all activities around the theme of your choice. Most companies will work with your specific budget and will brainstorm creative ways to make every idea work!

Now to find that company that works best for you, start by researching & socializing. Ask friends & family what company they have used for their last party or event. Make sure the company books reliable sitters’ or staff to assist in watching the children. You’ll most likely need one sitter for every 3-5 children depending on their age. If you have infants I would go with one sitter for every 2-3 children. A ‘kid’s zone’ can be planned around a modest budget or your ‘kid’s zone’ can be blown out of the water with the most magical of events for your children. It’s up to you!

I have found that Kid’s Zones are a desired MUST have at events because:

-They assist & offer a great solution to the event planner in dealing with families who want to bring children to your event.
-They alleviate stress for attending families & guests who have children.
-Most companies provide a detailed itinerary of how the ‘kid’s zone’ will run prior to the event, so you can alert attending families & get them excited!
-They offer an additional helping hand with the children onsite (bathroom runs, if a parent is requested to partake in the event the sitters can jump in, etc.)
-They provide engaging & interactive activities while parents enjoy the party & mingle with friends & family.
-They provide a sense of security. All parents must check-in/check-out each child, and then the parent has the option to pick -up/drop-off throughout the day or night.

A Kid’s Zone provides the best of both worlds, parents get to take their children to the wedding, baby shower, blowout birthday party, corporate event or family reunion and actually get to be a part of the special day & so does your lil’ one!

Even celebrities are catching on to the Kid’s Zone concept. At Drew Barrymoore’s wedding this summer she hosted her version of a kid’s zone called a kid’s village to entertain all her lil’ guests.

Lindsay Bell is the co-founder of Lucky Lil’ Darlings (LLD), an elite child-sitting & events company providing corporate and family focused babysitting, parent-centric events and inspiring commentary on child care, kids and family focused products. Prior to launching LLD, Lindsay worked in communications for the Radio City Rockettes and as a Marketing Manager for boutique marketing and PR agencies in NYC. For more information on Lindsay and LLD visit www.luckylildarlings.com or follow Lindsay on Twitter @LindsayBellNYC

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