When Does Moving Make Sense?

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Debating a move from the city to the suburbs? Here’s why we like the preschool years!

You’ve debated it over and over, from the minute you found out you were pregnant until now. Should you move to the ‘burbs? You’ve heard every side of the argument, from the gym buddy who vowed never to go farther than the end of the 6 line to the colleague who espouses the benefits of suburban living from 9-5. But what’s the answer to the city vs. suburbs debate? What is the best time—and IS there a “best time?”—to ditch the hustle and bustle for the picket fence?

On our end, we like the preschool years to make the move. In the earliest baby days life is tough—you’re stressed, you’re overtired and you’re overextended. It’s infinitely easier to pack baby into her stroller and walk to the drugstore to snag diapers than to load your squirming, unpredictable newborn into her equally unpredictable car seat every time you need something. By eliminating the drive you’re eliminating countless headaches—and, likewise, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips in the city.

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But once you’re into the 2s, 3s and 4s, it’s prime time to scour the suburbs. Why do we love it then? For tons of reasons!

You’ll be happy—and be lotto-less

We’ve worked with thousands of families making the move from NYC to the ‘burbs and what we’ve heard over and over is this: school matters. Not just for the kids but for you, Mom and Dad. Move to Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticut pre-kindergarten and, right off the bat, your child will be zoned for an A+ school without the hassle of the epic city lottery system and headaches that come from countless applications and interviews.

You’ll lay the “real school” groundwork

While many a mom has stood steadfast in her desire to keep her kids in ONE school system from K-12, the foundation is really laid in preschool. Sure, many of the kids from her 3s and 4s classes won’t go to the same elementary school, but plenty will. Having a few friends on day 1 of “real school” will make your child — and you — feel more confident. Emotions can run high when the big yellow bus pulls up for the first time, and it’s great for both of you to have that existing support system.

You’ll meet the moms!

Not only is preschool a great time for your kids to meet their future BFFs, but it’s the perfect time for you to mix and mingle with area mamas, stress-free. While preschoolers are definitely busy, busy, busy, their social lives tend to revolve around birthday parties and play dates vs. sporting events, lessons and extra-curriculars. Because they’re little, it’s likely you’ll be hanging around, too—so bring a bottle of wine or some sweet treats and easily expand your suburban social circles, too!

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You’ll be ready to tackle it right

You had a baby. You got into the swing of things as a stay-at-home or working mom. You got a handle on life with your little guy or girl, learned to juggle it all and can (admit it…) do virtually anything with just one hand. NOW is the time to think about putting down suburban roots. Tackling too much at one time can be a recipe for disaster—but 2, 3 or 4 years into mommydom, and you likely feel more comfortable, more confident and more prepared to dive into a new home and all that comes with it.

Remember this: it’s never too early and it’s never too late. Every family is different, needs different things and prioritizes differently. Take a step back and think about your burgeoning brood and what makes the most sense for you right now—and what your decision will look like in 6 months or a year from now.

Remember, whether you’re actively looking, browsing a bit or just looking to bounce ideas off of a neighborhood pro, The Suburban Jungle Realty Group can help. We’re moms, we’re dads and we’ve been right where you are now—give us a call!

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