Video Chat Help

Basic Video Chat Tech Tips

1. Use Headphones. This is essential.

2. Find out where the Microphone is on your PC or Mac. Talk into it, naturally. Make sure nothing is blocking it (a mouse, a cable, a post it note, etc.) A headset mic and earphone is the best possible setup, but not required.

3.Make sure you know where your video camera is located, so you can look into when you talk to the group. Ensure you don’t have a bright light or bright window behind you shining into the camera. If you have dim light behind you and a light in front of you (a desk light, a window) you’ll look best. Light from the top may show shadows under your features.

4. Use a current browser, and have a current version of Flash. We recommend Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 5 or greater, or Safari 5 or greater. We have had issues with the Chrome browser.

How to Sign Into the Video Support Group

1. Go to the assigned URL. You’ll see both the Video and Chat widgets on the page.

2. Start with the Chat Widget so in case you are having trouble with video, you can chat to the group leader. Use the “Guest” button, and instead of using the “guest 123” they offer, type in your own name.Type something to tell people you’re there. We do not suggest you log in via Facebook or Twitter as the chat program may encourage you to invite your friends on these networks during the course of the event, and of course this is a private group.

3. Next, click on the Video Chat widget, where it says “Start Video Chat here.”

4. You may see a security dialog box asking you to allow use of your camera and mic. Click “Allow.” (If you get a different security warning, see the “Troubleshooting” steps.)

5. Once you’ve got the camera and video working, and you’re listening via your headphones, check your audio. If others can hear you with no problems, you’re all set. If you need to adjust your audio, click on your own video picture in the top left, and you’ll see 2 icons – one a wrench for settings, and one for the Microphone.

Click the mic icon, and you can slide your mic’s output louder or softer.


If you know you have a working camera and mic, but you’re not seeing yourself, or others are not hearing you, these are a few things to try.

1. Make sure other instant messaging clients that use your Video or Audio are not running on your computer or in your task bar. These include programs like Skype, AOL IM, Yahoo IM, MSN Messenger, iChat, Facetime, and Meebo.

2. Make sure your camera and mic are plugged in if they are external or USB devices. Make sure they’re powered on.

3. If you get the chat working but don’t see yourself, click your own picture, and click the “Wrench” icon. Click “Change” and you may see several camera devices. Look for one with an active picture and choose that one.

4. Some users have seen a different security dialog. It looks like the screen below.  Click “Ok, Guide Me.”

You’ll get a dialog that looks like this:

Follow the instructions line for line. Once you’ve closed the Adobe Flash settings page, REFRESH the video chat window. You should then be able to “Allow” the video chat and proceed normally.