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Busy Moms, Healthy Meals – Delicious Snacks and Vitamin Rich Food

In this video, nutritionist Cynthia Hill gives a cooking demonstration on how to make some healthy kids’ snacks.  She shows you how, with a blend and some simple ingredients, you can make delicious snacks for your children.  Join Cynthia in this segment to see how you can add organic and vitamin rich food to your children’s meals.

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Our neighbors’ kids beg for Claudia to sit for them! Our daughter (2yrs) and son (5yrs) adore her. We feel like she’s family and so are especially sad our circumstances have changed. She came with well-deserved, sterling references from the Sloan-Kettering community. Loving, patient, happy, active; takes the kids to the library, zoo, museums. Arranges playdates. Rock-solid reliable. She’s been consistently available for last-minute late nights – a huge help if you’re super busy.