Five Quick and Easy Tips for a Happier, Healthier Spring

Spring cleaning isn’t just for our kitchens, bedrooms, and closets. It’s also a great time to detox and “spring clean” our bodies as well.  Here are five quick tips to reboot our bodies and minds for spring! Move Your Body!  Winter can be plain hard. It’s cold, dark, and can inspire lethargy. As we transition […]

How Do I Manage Mealtime Without the Drama?

Dinner is a mess at my house. The kids won’t eat, they won’t sit, I spend most of the time yelling. It’s not how I want us to end out day. Help! Mealtime can be tough. As I have spoken with families throughout the years, I have found that there are Four BIG Supper Sabotages: […]

Banana Pancakes (Gluten Free & Dairy Free)

Q: What’s better than homemade pancakes on a snowy day?! A: Homemade pancakes that are actually HEALTHY – yet still delicious! Not only are these pancakes amazing, but they are gluten free and dairy free, too. I kid you not. Give ‘em a try and see for yourself. You and your kids will love them! […]

Preventing Picky Eaters: Mealtime Success – Teleclass Re-cap

Picky eating is a common issue facing parents – so common that many of us just resign ourselves to it! But did you know there may be ways to prevent it? We recently held a teleclass, expertly facilitated by Amy Marlow, registered dietitian and mom of three, and generously sponsored by Happy Family and buybuyBABY, where participants learned […]

4 Tips for a Healthier Halloween

For even the healthiest eaters, added sugars are an unavoidable part of Halloween celebrations. Between school parties and evening trick-or-treating, your child will inevitably indulge. Halloween treats don’t have to be scary, though. There are ways to keep your children’s appetites, and health, on track this Halloween. Concentrate on healthy Halloween meals. Making sure your […]