These Are the Health Benefits of Butter for Kids

Cook with butter. Don’t cook with margarine or any other fake butter substitutes. Cook with butter. Most people think butter is bad. It’s not. On the contrary, butter – from grass fed cows – is one of the most ultimate, nutrient dense foods one can consume. Butter is basically animal fat with slight traces of […]

Do You Feel Confident?

If you answered with a firm YES – I applaud you! And, I also realize that those of us who answer with a firm YES are not the majority. It’s sad but true. For some reason, most all of us amazing women who are rock stars in our day to day chaotic lives lack some […]

Getting Rid of PMS

I’m sure you’re all super busy moms, coming to this site to find ways to make your life as a mom better. Well, what better way to improve your life than to feel better all month long?  A lot of women I see in my clinics deal with PMS. They have a week or two […]

What’s in Your Kids’ Toothpaste

Recently, I stayed over at a friends’ house. And, in the morning while I was brushing my teeth with my “all natural” toothpaste, I picked up a tube of one of their kids’ “sparkle fun” toothpaste to check out the ingredient list. I did not like what I saw. I’m sure most of you know […]

Do You and Your Family Need Vitamins?

As we are in the midst of one of the worst flu seasons yet, many parents come into my office asking for my advice on what supplements or vitamins their family should be taking to help keep their immune systems strong and their health in check. If you’ve ever seen me as a patient, you […]

Healthfully Making it Through the Holidays

As the holiday season is upon us, there’s a buzz in the air. Whether you celebrate one holiday or another – or don’t celebrate at all – the energy in the air this time of year still has its affect on all of us. From extra sweets lying around the office, to the kids pleading […]

Thoughts of Happiness – Inspired by Hurricane Sandy

I live in Manhattan. On the second night of no power after Hurricane Sandy had hit, we decided to pull out the Scrabble board and get our game on. At one point, a question about a rule came up, so I pulled out the Scrabble rule book to find out that something I thought was […]