Why Unstructured Play is So Important

Spring is finally here! It is a great time to be outdoors and play with your children. Play is so important for your children, especially unstructured outdoor play. While structured play is also important, that is activities that involve instruction with an adult like sports or arts classes, it is important to not overbook your child with these […]

Superfoods are Super Foods for Children

You may have heard of the term ‘superfoods’, but what are they? These are foods that are packed with nutrients including antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Often, children are picky eaters and you may never expect them to eat a superfood. Not true! Here are some of my favorites that are good for you and your […]

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Just recently, several friends and family members of mine had new babies, and it reminded me of how often new moms have questions regarding breastfeeding.  Additionally, a lot of advice is given to new moms and often it may differ – adding to their questions and concerns. Whether you are a new mom or not, […]

The Stomach Bug

A stomach infection, or gastroenteritis, is a very common reason parents contact the pediatrician. Most stomach infections are usually self-limiting. The concern with children, more so than adults, is dehydration from stomach infections when children lose fluids from the body. It is important to know what to look for and how to prevent dehydration. Viruses […]

Fever: The Facts and What to Know

Fever can happen at any time of year and is especially common this time of year. Parents all know that feeling of hearing their child cry and touching their warm skin when they have a fever. Most parents worry when their child has a fever; however, a fever in of itself is actually a good […]

Cold Weather Care

Whether it is walking to school or play dates or just walking to the car, it is so important to dress properly in the cold weather. This winter time of year, children can get quite cranky from being stuck indoors all day long, and it is fun to play outside when it snows; however, you […]