Understanding Newborn Sleep

While newborns should dictate their own schedule, there are definitely ways in which you can begin to see your baby’s sleep mature during those early months, and you can start to take steps during that “fourth trimester” that will put your baby on a path to good sleep for the ensuing months.

The Two-Year Sleep Regression – No Joke!

In the baby sleep world, the word “regression” gets thrown around quite a bit. I’m generally not a fan of it. I think it’s easy to chalk behavior up to a regression when, in fact, there are often certain things that can be done to help adjust wonky sleep behavior. But two-year-olds? They are no […]

Keeping Baby in That Crib!

As a family sleep consultant, one of the most common issues I see is a child who has been transitioned to a big-kid bed too early, and is now having a lot of trouble getting to sleep and/or staying asleep. Creepy middle-of-the-night visits begin to occur at the parents’ bedside, or bedtime itself becomes a […]