How Parents Can Help Their Children To Be Better Readers

You don’t need to take a course… It’s inexpensive… it is joyful and it will make a difference. You can help your child be a better reader by talking, smiling, gently touching, singing, playing baby games, reading aloud, reading and being responsive to your newborns – beginning at birth – for 15 minutes or more, wherever […]

Suggested Reading for Children and Parents About Going to the Doctor or Hospital

I have written blogs in the past about tips and suggestions along with coping techniques when you take your child to the doctor or the hospital. Books about healthcare experiences should present helpful information for children in a truthful and encouraging manner. The following is a list of good books for children and also for […]

Preparing for Your Child’s Medical Visits: Comforting Techniques

This blog was written to help you learn some ways to deal with difficulties or fears your infant/child may have about medical visits. Many of the suggested strategies, techniques and distractions discussed may already be familiar. It is important to remember to use them at the time your infant/child is afraid or upset. It is […]