5 Products That Will Make Feeding Your Kids Easier

Image c/o Feeding Our Toddlers

5 Products That Will Make Feeding Your Kids Easier

By Cris Pearlstein

We’re bringing you a round up of the 5 best products that will make feeding your kids easier. Getting little ones to sit down and eat a meal should be considered an olympic sport and we could all use some help in this department, amiright? Their short attention spans and pickiness alone can make mealtime stressful and chaotic.

We caught up with food blogger Michelle Piccolo of Feeding Our Toddlers to get the scoop on which items she uses in her home to feed her two boys, Jack (4) and Lucas (8 mos). Her site and Instagram feed are a place to find healthy, easy-to-make, delicious recipes for the little ones in your family. She prioritizes nutrient-rich, high-quality ingredients in her recipes, all without sacrificing flavor. Famous for upping the ante on classic kids’ foods, she loves to put a healthy spin on old favorites like grilled cheese sandwiches, cookies, and muffins.

So whether you are just starting solids, or you’re currently dealing with a picky toddler, we’ve got you covered.

ezpz First Foods Set, $37.49

ezpz First Food Set

“If you have a baby starting solids, this is an awesome starter set to get for yourself—or to gift to another mama! The cup helps teach babies how to drink from an open cup early on, and the spoons do double duty as great teethers. The plate suctions to the surface making it easier for babies to pick up their own food, too. Plus, everything is made of 100% silicone and is dishwasher safe.” 


Austin Baby Collection Bento Box, $24.99


Austin Baby Collection Bento Box

“This is my favorite lunchbox for Jack. It’s made from 100% food grade silicone and is dishwasher safe. It includes five compartments—one of which can fit a standard size sandwich cut in half and stacked. The different sections means I can include something new, along with foods I know he loves. This has definitely helped him try new things at school! Bonus? The lid is leakproof and each section has its own seal so nothing leaks out of its designated compartment.”


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Audwell, The Oslo Tower, $325


Audwell, The Oslo Tower

“There are a lot of toddler towers out there, but this one is non-toxic and so well-made that I recommend to everyone. We started using this when Jack was around 2 years old and he still loves it! He pushes it to the counter to help cook with me, or he uses it to wash his hands at the kitchen sink. Plus, it just really feels like a nice piece of furniture for your kitchen.”


Ahisma, Mindful Mealtime Set, $64

Ahimsa Mindful Mealtime Set

“This is a beautifully designed set for toddlers that features a plate, cup, bowl, fork and spoon. It is made out of stainless steel which means no harmful chemicals will be transferred into your child’s food. Their products are non-porous, so no bacteria will be left behind either. On top of that, it’s dishwasher safe!”


Elk and Friends Drinking Tumblers, $29.99

Elk and Friends Drinking Tumblers

“I use these cups for when I make smoothies for Jack. The straws have a stopper so your toddler can’t pull them out of their cup and make a mess. They also do double duty as food storage containers. Jack always enjoys picking out which color cup he wants to have his drink in each day. So instead of saying, Jack, do you want a smoothie?, I say Jack, which color cup do you want your smoothie in? He gets some control over the meal, and I get a healthy drink in him. Win win!”


Image c/o Feeding Our Toddlers

Michelle Piccolo is the founder and creator of Feeding Our Toddlers, a resource for healthy, delicious, and easy recipes for little ones. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, and two kids, Jack (4) and Lucas (8 mos).

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