The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Baby Products

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The 10 Best Eco-friendly Baby Products

By Liana Vazquez

When you become a parent it doesn’t mean you stop being a friend to the environment. If anything you start worrying more about the future of this earth, and what you can do to help keep your baby safe and healthy. Investing in sustainable, biodegradable, reusable, organic, and certified baby supplies is a great way to be environmentally conscious. The bonus of buying eco-friendly items is having the peace of mind that you are using the safest items for your child—plus the products often last longer than their cheaply-made, non-earth-friendly counterparts. We’ve rounded up some of the best eco-friendly baby products that are must-haves for every parent.

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stainless steel baby bottle
$24.95; available at

Avoid the chemicals found in plastic with Pacific Baby Hot Tot Bottles that are made of recyclable, food-grade stainless steel. These bottle also grow with your baby! As your baby’s needs change you can buy different accessory tops, like a straw top, drink top, and handle set. That means buying less overall, which is always a good thing. Other features include insulation for warm or cold liquids, an inside liquid scale, and a leak-proof closure. Pacific baby bottles also come in 4 oz and 9 oz, and offer standard sizing so that other brand’s nipples fit the top. Learn more about Pacific Baby’s mission. 


organic cloth diaper
$25.95; available at

If you’re looking to cut down on diaper waste but are skeptical of cloth diapers, the GroVia All-In-One diaper is for you. They are super-convenient, with a waterproof outer layer and an ultra-absorbent inner soaker that are sewn together for the snap-it-on-and-go experience. They are also lined with 100% certified organic cotton making them chemical-free. Pro tip: Keep in mind with cloth-diapers you have to build up a stash and wash them often in order to have enough to use them exclusively. 


compostable biodegradable baby wipes
$15.99; available on

Obviously disposable wipes equal a lot of waste, but sometimes using cloth wipes is simply not possible. Kinder by Nature biodegradable wipes are a great solution—they’re plant-based and plastic-free making them one of the most environmentally-friendly options out there. These wipes were made for babies with sensitive skin, so they are unscented and contain 99% water. Bonus? The packaging is recyclable and the wipes are compostable in just 60 days!


natural rubber pacifiers
$19.99; available on

Ecopiggy makes rubber pacifiers which do away with plastics and chemicals such as BPA and BPS. This ecopacifier is sustainable and biodegradable thanks to the fact that it’s made from the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis, and is 100% natural rubber. In addition, it is designed to mimic the soothing feeling of breastfeeding by lightly touching the baby’s nose while they suck. Ecopiggy also offers other natural rubber products for teething and even playtime.

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eco-friendly stroller
$689; available at

There are a lot of eco-friendly strollers out there, but this stroller was made with the city in mind! It is all-terrain for smooth rides on bumpy sidewalks, and it has an extra-long footwell which gives your child room to grow. Plus, Bumbleride believes in sustainability, evident in the fact that 25% of the plastic components on the stroller are from ocean plastics, and the fabric is recycled PET (also known as plastic water bottles). Learn more about what they are doing for the environment.


organic baby blanket
$22.95; available at

Burt’s Bees is a well-known beauty brand, but did you know they make baby products, too? This organic baby blanket is made of 100% organic, GOTS certified cotton. It’s perfect for playtime, tummy time, and even as a stroller blanket thanks to its 30 inch width and a 40 inch length. Burt’s Bees is conscious of the factories they work with and only work with those who use renewable energy and recycle their water supply. 


eco-friendly crib
$399; available at

Babyletto’s Hudson Crib is made of 100% natural, sustainable New Zealand pine wood. It is Greenguard Gold Certified, which means chemical emissions from the crib are very low and the crib has been tested for thousands of chemicals. One of the best features is that the crib grows with your baby and can be turned into a toddler bed with the included kit. Learn more about the brand’s focus on sustainability.


organic nursing pillow
$165; available at

The MoonWomb pillow is shaped like a crescent moon with a bean bag texture that molds your baby to your body for nursing. This shape is ideal for mothers who have gotten c-sections as the material promotes airflow. The pillow is made of 100% organic cotton canvas and the filling is organically farmed buckwheat hulls. Another important feature is the aromatherapy pocket so you and your baby can relax. Learn more about the brand’s mission.


eco-friendly toy
$12.99; available at

Green Toys is made of 100% recycled plastic, mainly plastic milk jugs, limiting the company’s carbon footprint. However, they are BPA-free! There are a variety of toys, but these floral shaped stacking cups are a great staple for babies developing motor skills—plus, you won’t have to worry about them putting the cups in their mouth because the toy meets FDA food contact standards. A major plus is that Green Toys manufactures in the U.S., reducing the production of greenhouse gasses. Learn more about their production and safety practices.


organic baby rattles
$20; available at

Estella’s is a children’s brand that makes handmade, high-quality items that support artisan workers and don’t contain harsh or harmful chemicals. Many of their luxury organic baby toys are fashioned after common NYC symbols, like a taxi cab, the big apple, and a Metrocard. The cotton they use is GOTS certified and their dyes are eco-friendly. They also make blankets and clothing, too!


Liana Vazquez is an intern at New York Family. She was born and raised in New Jersey and graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a degree in Literature. When she isn’t writing or reading, she is watching movies, visiting her friends, and making a mess in the kitchen.

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