The Benefits Of A Nanny-Child Bond

The Benefits Of A Nanny-Child Bond
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The Benefits Of A Nanny-Child Bond

By Sharon Feiereisen

There are many so let’s reign in the anxiety together 

When it comes to parental anxiety, childcare always ranks high. Let us help put you at ease!

There’s endless debate as to what form of childcare is the best, but the reality is for many parents a nanny is the most viable option.

As someone who needed years and 14 rounds of IVF to have her two children, I completely understand the fear of leaving a child with “an outsider.” Mom does everything best. I totally get it. But I also know that isn’t totally true (don’t tell my husband!). In fact, children can not only survive, but thrive with a nanny and the special bond that often ensues. 

We spoke with family medicine physician Dr. Laura Purdy, MD, MBA to find out more about this very topic. 

Keep reading as she breaks down five benefits of the nanny/child bond. 

Same Person Day In And Day Out

“They are like an extension of your own family, often coming to your home,” says Dr. Purdy. “Babies will get to know this person and will develop a bond with them because of this. It can be extremely nurturing and they will develop a connection and feel cared for. It can bring feelings of calm and peace for the baby. Familiarity can also help with security and when babies feel safe and secure they are more likely to bond more easily.”

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Consistency Of Routines 

Having a consistent routine is critical. “This is important so that children can develop a meaningful relationship. Not constantly experiencing change is also really helpful for their emotional development as this can help them with expectations and, over time, they will know what to expect and can build confidence with consistency.” 


“With a nanny children will often get on a routine and stick to that. As previously discussed, children will then know what to expect and this can help with overall development. Consistency and schedule are key for them in order to thrive and grow.”

Comforting Environment

“Oftentimes children get to be at home with a nanny, which is comfortable for the child and they feel secure. Even if it’s not a parent taking care of them all day long the home will be familiar with all their things so they will find comfort in that.” This, in turn, can foster emotional health and secure attachment. 

Essential One On One Time 

“With a nanny there are no distractions of other kids and the focus can be solely on your child. Getting quality one-on-one time will help with bonding and will ultimately be really great for the child’s development because of the attention given.”

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