Valentine’s Day Craft (For Your Little Sweetheart!)

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Whether it’s just you and your child making a special if batch of valentines for loved ones, or you need a last minute group activity for a Valentine’s party, this simple craft project is easy and fun to do! This project works well with kids from age two (with a bit more help) up to age five years old.

Shopping List

These materials are usually easy to find a regular stores. Have fun with your child shopping and talking about your valentine project as you gather materials.

  • Paper Lace Doilies (Grocery store)
  • Red construction paper (Staples, or get card stock from a local copy shop)
  • Glue sticks (Staples has this)
  • Red, white and pink tissue paper (Card Shop)
  • Curling ribbon in red, white and pink (Card Shop; If no curling ribbon get any pretty ribbon)
  • Glitter glue (Staples has this)

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Craft Prep

Include your child in this too – it’s great for kids to have a sense of helping and contributing to the project. Even a younger child who can’t handle scissors yet can help put the finished ingredients into zippy bags or bowls.

  • Cut paper hearts out of paper; sized to fit inside paper doilies
  • Cut up lots of pieces of red, white and pink tissue. (Tip: Layer the red/white and pink paper then fold it over a few times then cut it up; layering tissue makes it easy to do a big batch fast.)
  • Pre-curl ribbon pieces with scissors, and cut it up into smaller 2-3” pieces.

Making Valentine’s

  • Set collage ingredients in bowls to share
  • Kids glue stick and decorate the paper hearts with tissue and ribbon pieces
  • Glue stick hearts onto paper doily
  • Add glitter glue last (With younger kids you can skip this to avoid mess.)

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Susan Izatt is an early childhood, infant and toddler development expert, director and co-founder of MoonSoup Early Childhood Studio

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