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What is an Au Pair?

Navigating child care options is no easy task because every parent wants their child to feel safe, secure, and loved. With au pairs, parents will always know that their little one is in good hands because they become a part of the family. Au pairs have become an increasingly popular child care choice! Au Pair In America, the nation’s first and largest au pair program, has placed au pairs with hundreds of thousands of families in 43 states since 1986.

Au pairs are typically young women who travel from another country to live with a host family. Au Pair in America’s global recruitment network spans nearly 60 countries on six continents, so the cultural exchange experience is an integral part of the program. Children get introduced to another culture and language from a young age, which helps them develop an appreciation for diversity and inclusion. It’s also a great way for children to learn another language in a non-academic setting. 

But one of the most important ways that the au pair program differs from other forms of child care is the flexibility. Because an au pair lives in a family’s home, they can more easily support busy schedules. Whether it’s after-school homework, drop-off and pick-up at school, or prepping your child’s favorite dinner, an au pair is there to help. The Au Pair in America program offers up to 45 hours of customizable child care each week.

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for child care. That’s why Au Pair in America offers three unique program options to meet your family’s needs. Whether your children are infants or school-aged, Au Pair in America has the solution for your family.

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The key takeaway here is that au pairs meet families where they are, whether that be evening help so parents can enjoy me-time and date nights, or daily support so parents can accomplish their work and life goals.

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