The Art of Creativity

How many of us have squelched a child’s creativity without even realizing it? Many times, when we see our kids approaching something differently than we do, we want to change their way of thinking. But fostering our child’s courage to express their creativity is perhaps one of the most important goals that we can set […]

6 Helpful and Stylish Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

Once upon a time, you decorated your home just for you — and the rest of the grown-ups in your life. There was no need to think about sharp corners, steep steps or unused plugs. Instead, it was all about style. Now, of course, everything has changed. With all the joy that comes with a baby […]

5 Reasons Why Children Need a Creative Outlet

Childhood is supposed to be about kids learning to explore their environment and figuring out how to react to the world. School can be a good tool for this, but like as not, school is relegated to learning how to stand in line and how to take and pass tests. There isn’t much room for […]