Bouncing Back After Baby: The Basics

Getting back into shape after having a baby is a daunting task for any new mother. To regain energy and confidence, you should first understand the important relationship between physical activity and proper nutrition. A better understanding of how these components work together, and knowing how to put them into action will help moms feel happier and healthier as they get their groove back post-baby.

Parents: Are We Afraid of Parenting?

Sadly, over time we have become more uncomfortable with setting limits and being consistent with our daily routines or general rules. Parenting is a difficult job – the most difficult and demanding job I have ever had. Our children need us to be the parent, even when it’s uncomfortable and ugly.

Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Sports

Sports, for their own sake, are terrific. The simple physicality of throwing yourself into something with reckless abandon, being faster and stronger, jumping higher is part of our DNA. Virtually every game, every practice, every postgame snack line or sandlot smackdown presents an opportunity to learn, grow and mature.

Outdoor Activities for Children and Grandparents

Nothing’s more fun than spending time in nature during the spring and summer months. What better way to get extended family to bond with each other than soaking up some sunshine and reaping the benefits of being outside?

An added benefit of outdoor activities with your grandchildren is that most of them cost very little or are free to do. When was the last time you paid to lay on your back in the grass and do some cloud gazing? Read on to learn more about possible ideas for grandparents to explore the outdoors with their grandchildren.

The Art of Creativity

How many of us have squelched a child’s creativity without even realizing it? Many times, when we see our kids approaching something differently than we do, we want to change their way of thinking. But fostering our child’s courage to express their creativity is perhaps one of the most important goals that we can set […]