Fun Things to Do in NYC While Pregnant

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Going on a vacation while pregnant can feel boring. There’s so much you can’t eat, drink, or try out because it’s bad for the baby. But as people become more comfortable traveling and more things open up, a trip to New York City can end up being the perfect vacation for expecting mothers. Whether it’s your first time visiting or your first time living in NYC while pregnant, there’s a lot to do—even after you exclude all the things you can’t do during these nine months.

Here are our top fun activities for pregnant women in NYC.

Take a Bus Tour

You’ll want to have a look around the city, especially if it’s your first time here. However, taking the bus or the subway isn’t a good idea, since you will be uncomfortably standing while waiting for said transportation. Moreover, subways and buses in NYC are so crowded that you probably won’t get a seat, even if you’re pregnant.

Hence, a bus tour is the best way to look around the city without straining yourself, and it lets you save energy for other activities. If you’re not sure about which tour to choose, the New York in One Day Guided Sightseeing Tour and Big Bus New York Hop-on Hop-off Tour are good places to start.

Hit the Spa

If you want just to relax and relieve some stress, why not head to one of the many spas NYC has to offer? Out of all these spas, you’ll want to visit specialized ones that offer the best services for mommies-to-be. A specialty at these spas is the prenatal massage, which offers amazing therapeutic benefits to both your psychological and physical health. You may not realize it, but your body is full of aches that haven’t been addressed properly.

The experts at these spas know just how to help you relax while you lie on your back. There are plenty of prenatal massage centers all across NYC; Holistic Hands and The Prenatal Massage Center of New York are just a couple that come to mind.

Enjoy the Theater

New York is renowned for being home to the best theater shows and musicals, and starting this September, Broadway will be back! Tickets to many shows are available now. I strongly recommend going to the theater before the baby arrives because after he or she does, it’ll be a long time until you can actually go out and have fun. Whether you’re more of a Lion King fan or just love Tina Turner, get your tickets and go see a show!

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Take a Cruise

If the idea of being on your feet all day makes you nauseated, it’s a great opportunity to dish out some extra cash and go on an exciting cruise. It’s not necessary that you go on something too luxurious, but a simple sightseeing cruise will do because you’ll be able to experience and look at all the beautiful sights while sitting. Opt for a New York City Skyline Cruise or a Complete Manhattan Island Cruisewhichever meets your tastes.

Eat Up

While it’s true that you can’t indulge in certain delicacies, you can still enjoy fine cuisine while in NYC. Restaurants are operating at full capacity (as long as they can meet distance requirements). There are plenty of four-star and five-star restaurants, as well as cozy diners and eateries, where you can taste exotic flavors and fusions. Whatever your tastes may be, it’s nice to treat yourself once in a while, so why not make a trip down to Stella 34 Trattoria? The restaurant is at the top of Macy’s Herald Square and is elevator accessible. Other restaurants to try include the North River Lobster Company and Patsy’s Italian Restaurant. Make a reservation!

Go Shopping

If you live in an area where the only clothing pregnant women can shop for are cloaks and potato sacks, you’re lucky to be visiting NYC. You can find the most fashionable styles at high-end boutiques like Seraphine and Hatch, which carry clothing on the pricier side. But you can also find great deals on baby clothes, supplies, and maternity bras in the closest shopping district. NYC Target stores carry a Hatch collaborative line. A Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity and Seraphine clothing is available at Macy’s. Combine that with lunch at Stella 34 and you’re set! Bratenders, located in the Hell’s Kitchen/Theater District/Midtown West neighborhoods is nearby. Their experts work with pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy to make sure they are properly supported. Fitting appointments can be booked online.

As you can see, the Big Apple offers plenty of entertainment and leisure options for expecting moms. Planning a fun day out on the town shouldn’t be a hassle, with all these fun activities for pregnant women in NYC available to you!

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