Grown Up Ways to Keep Your Home Little Kid Friendly

Looking for a way to keep your home looking nice, but still kid friendly? Start by dropping to the floor. The best approach to creating a kid friendly atmosphere is to see things from their perspective. Although you may not be fascinated with an electrical outlet, that is like a magnet for kids – especially if […]

Dressy Sweats

I want to share a real-life conversation I recently had with my husband when I bumped into him at the hairdresser’s around the corner from our apartment. He was there getting his hair cut, and I was there getting a blow dry for our school’s benefit gala. (It then proceeded to pour on me on […]

S.O.S. Product Review: Nurse Purse

*This is sponsored product review Review by Emily Becker-Weidman Nurse Purse manufactures stylish bags that hold a breast pump, pump accessories, and have room for other things a working woman or mom-on-the-go might want to carry with her. I was pretty excited to try it out; since being back at work, I had been carrying […]

Top 6 Made in America Spring Looks for Toddlers

It’s the time of year when the novelty of winter and the chilly weather it brings has turned into a tired weariness of grey skies, low temperatures and the need to bundle up (yet again) before stepping outside. One way to lift everyone’s spirits? Start thinking about spring and the airy, lightweight clothes and accessories […]

The Mommybites Summit 2013

Mommybites proudly presents The Ultimate Moms’ Night Out! Hear ye, hear ye! Read all about it! The Mommybites Summit was just announced. If you’re interested, sign up soon because we have super cool gifts – AND the first few moms to register get to choose their gift! In addition to all the usual fun you […]