This Is What All Parents Should Know about Positive Discipline

What is positive discipline? Once children hit preschool age, their desire to be independent grows, and they become much more likely to test their parents limits. When this happens, parents should be very careful not to let their emotions get in the way of producing positive outcomes by using these challenging moments as teaching moments. […]

Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Should Grandparents Share Their Views on Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol?

Our two grandchildren have just – gasp! – entered their teen years. We’re hoping you can give us advice on talking with them about peer pressure and issues involving sex, drugs, and alcohol. We are fortunate in that we are on the same page as their parents in these matters, but we also feel that as their grandparents we might have some different approaches and opportunities than what they have with their parents. And is it even our place to engage on these topics?

This Is How to Use Play to Reveal Your Kid’s Feelings

My four and a half year old son began kindergarten at a NYC public school last September.  While I knew that this would be an adjustment for him, I naively underestimated its magnitude.  Despite our preparations throughout the summer, his first few days were extremely tearful, anxiety-ridden and overwhelming. Following his repeated requests-turned-pleadings not to […]

This Is a Collection of Parenting Hacks from Moms Who Know

We’ve searched the Mommmybites archives for some of the best mommy hacks we could find. Absorb the pearls of wisdom from these moms. Laura Deutsch, founder and creator of babybites & kiddybites: I’m so happy I created a ‘memory box.’ Whenever I hear my daughter or son say or do something cute, funny, or memorable […]