Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Mother Wants Money from Grandparents for Kids’ Camp

Seven years ago, when we both were working, my husband Hayden and I bought an expensive home in a pricey neighborhood, known for its excellent schools. We have two children, a six- and a four-year-old. After our younger child was born we decided I would stay home full time, so even though Hayden has a […]

This Is How to Find Work-From-Home Jobs for Moms

It seems like a dream to be able to clock in at home, maintain your career, and find more time for your family. In today’s job market this fantasy is, surprisingly, a reality. And with the increase of confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and closings (schools, events, daycares, offices) the ability to work virtually is more […]

Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: My Step-Grandchildren Lack Discipline

I am a step-grandma. My concern is about my twin 5-year-old grandsons, who are at times delightful, at other times holy terrors (times two!). I’ve had a conversation with their mother, who tells me she and her husband use time-outs and then taking away toys for punishment. However, these children hit, do reckless things (like […]