Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Update on Fiancé’s Stepfather’s Behavior

Four years ago you gave me some advice regarding my then-fiancé’s stepfather, George, who was inappropriately physical towards me. I thought you might like to know what has happened since then. I currently belong to a support group for expectant first-time moms. A couple of weeks ago we decided that each of us would write a “gratitude journal,” and share it with each other.

6 Ways to Help Siblings Get Along

Carson pulled Abbey’s hair again… And now the baby is screaming because the toddler took her toy. Does this sound like a day in your life? Or maybe it’s just the antics that take place as you’re waiting in the school drop-off line.

Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: My Niece’s Unpleasant Behavior

I’m having a really hard time with something. My sister Elaine and her man split up when their daughter, Carmella, was four; she is now 12. His mom (Carmella’s grandmother) has stepped in a lot to help with Carmella; I just wish she wouldn’t let Carmella buy whatever she wants. Meanwhile, Elaine — who had some stints traveling, got married and then divorced from a different man, a guy no one liked — has kind of backed off in interacting with Carmella.

Should I Help My Toddler?

It can be TOUGH – especially when you have to be somewhere – to let kids DO on their own, but making the time for accomplishments in independence is so important. Kids learn by doing, they gain self-esteem by doing, and they become problem solvers by doing.

Finding Work-From-Home Jobs

It seems like a dream to be able to clock in at home, maintain your career, and find more time for your family. In today’s job market this fantasy is, surprisingly, a reality. Sound too good to be true? Just ask the State of the Remote Job Marketplace, which came out with a report recently […]

How To Manage Challenging And Picky Eaters

Whether your child has been a picky eater from the start, or has just flipped from a lover of kale and salmon to a refuser of anything but white pasta, know that you are not alone. Here is a feeding manifesto that every parent, especially parents of difficult eaters, should know.