How Long Should I Swaddle My Baby?

Many newborn and young infants love being swaddled because it makes them feel safe and secure. However, by the time infants are three or four months, they should not be swaddled as they need to be able to move around freely – especially while they are sleeping or napping.

Understanding Newborn Sleep

While newborns should dictate their own schedule, there are definitely ways in which you can begin to see your baby’s sleep mature during those early months, and you can start to take steps during that “fourth trimester” that will put your baby on a path to good sleep for the ensuing months.

Five Quick and Easy Tips for a Happier, Healthier Spring

Spring cleaning isn’t just for our kitchens, bedrooms, and closets. It’s also a great time to detox and “spring clean” our bodies as well.  Here are five quick tips to reboot our bodies and minds for spring! Move Your Body!  Winter can be plain hard. It’s cold, dark, and can inspire lethargy. As we transition […]

Creating the Perfect Eco-Friendly Nursery

  Whether it’s your first or your third, there is a universal truth about babies: they come with a lot of ‘stuff’. Cribs, bassinets, blankets, diapers, wipes… the list seems endless when you’re getting ready to welcome a new baby, so adding the consideration of being environmentally friendly in your room design may seem like […]